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Access to the Japanese Market

The life science sector in Japan can prove to be massively lucrative for foreign businesses, yet it remains a territory often neglected by Western companies. With its own set of traditions and standard practices, it can seem daunting to enter the Japanese market in a way that attracts customers and generates growth without the required experience.

Pivotal Scientific have teamed up with MJ Science Support to provide Japanese marketing services to our clients, allowing you to approach this market fully equipped for success.

Our partners can assist with the following services:

Poorly translated content is a sure-fire way to put off potential customers, and the technical vocabulary of our industry can present difficulties for third-party translators and AI-based solutions.

Our experts have extensive experience and research backgrounds in the life science & biotechnology fields, and will work with you to create coherent translated content that resonates with the Japanese market.

In today's digital-first marketplace, it's increasingly important to create meaningful, engaging content that captures the attention of customers.

Working with Japanese-native content writers who are familiar with the industry will help to boost your brand recognition in the territory, and increase sales. Our partners will also host your content on their scientific portal, providing additional exposure to the market.

The Life Sciences are increasingly getting used to the idea of social media as a hugely powerful marketing tool, and the Japanese market is no different.

Our partner is available to promote your products and services via their established social media channels, allowing your messaging to connect directly with Japanese consumers and businesses.

In order to build a base of customers and increase your sales in Japan, it's important to have an official website written in fluent Japanese.

Our partner can create an attractive, SEO optimised WordPress-based website that presents your products & services in the best possible way for the Japanese market. Hosting your website on local servers will also help to reduce load time, creating a better user experience and boosting your SEO.


If you're interested in accessing the Japanese market or growing your brand in the territory, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.