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Rockland, Inc. acquires Epi-Plus product line from 21st Century Biochemicals

Exit Strategy 5

Rockland now manufactures antibodies from the Epi-Plus® epigenetics line that can assist in various types of cancer research. Epigenetic alterations are extremely important to a cell’s transformation to cancer, and the mechanisms of epigenetic silencing of tumor suppressor genes and activation of oncogenes holds great promise for cancer prevention, detection, and therapy. Rockland epigenetic antibodies … Read more

OriGene acquires SDIX Life Science Assets

Exit Strategy 3

OriGene announced that it has recently signed a definitive agreement to acquire all of the assets of the Life Sciences business of SDIX (Strategic Diagnostics, Newark DE). The combination of SDIX and OriGene expands the company’s ability to develop the most comprehensive collection of high-quality monoclonal antibodies for key applications in research and diagnostic fields. … Read more

Is your IP worth the paper it’s written on?

Of course, this a rhetorical question but it does beg the more reasonable question: what is the value of your IP? Simply put, valuing IP is a multi-disciplinary process involving evidence-based judgements of market value, combined with assessments of how a particular market(s) might perform in the future and backed up by rigorous due diligence … Read more

PSL introduces Lunginnov s.a.s to Abcore: Distribution Agreement Signed

Distribution Net 5

Lille, France and San Diego, CA – Lunginnov, a France based provider of novel reagents for the study of vascular remodelling and endothelial dysfunctions, has entered into a distribution agreement with Abcore, a US based provider of custom polyclonal antibodies and representative and distributer for small European biotech companies in North America. Together with Abcore, … Read more

PPC Adverts or SEO: which is best?

Digital M 2

PPC Adverts or SEO: which is best? I’m afraid I’m going to stick on the fence here and say both. However, it is for good reason: companies tend to view Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements as mutually exclusive when they are in fact completely the opposite. You need to have … Read more

Nordic Immunological Labs Acquires MUbio

Exit Strategy 5

The Netherlands, 4 February 2013 Today, Nordic Immunological Laboratories BV acquired the assets of MUbio Holding BV. Nordic will continue to develop and manufacture high quality MUbio research antibody reagents in the same facilities and with the same key personnel as before, all according to strict ISO 9001 quality guidelines. CEO Ronald Rutten declared that … Read more

2013: The Year of the Employee

Operational E 4

Guest article by Dr. Helen Harries, consultant for Pivotal Scientific. With the New Year started, many of you will have completed you performance reviews and identified successes as well as areas for development, so my question is how many of you will actually do something about it? Or will you let yet another year pass? … Read more

Patent Box Legislation and what it could mean to your company’s corporation tax payments.

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What is it?  This is a preferential tax regime which will allow companies to apply a 10% corporation tax rate to profits which can be attributed to patents and other IP instead of the mainstream rate of 23%. It is part of the government’s initiative promoting the UK as ‘The Place to be’ for innovative … Read more

“I wrote a business plan once and haven’t since” – why a business plan is good for your company and your employees

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The quote above is one that PSL hears many times from our clients: so why do we continue to swim against the tide?! Even if you are a small company it is important to have a clear idea of where you are currently and where you want to be. Perhaps more importantly, you need to … Read more