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Biofuture Investment Group is a unique membership of high-net-worth individuals with extensive commercial, scientific, and technical experience within the Biotech, life science and IVD sectors. Our members have been brought together, by invitation, as they share a keen desire to invest in the bright future of our industry and to lend their extensive experience to help new companies and entrepreneurs advance the cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow. 

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How we work

The key strength of our membership is our collaborative approach to personal investment. When approached by companies looking for investment, our members will each, independently review the opportunity from the perspective of their unique experience within the industry. At our regular meetings, every member feeds back their thoughts on the prospective investees, in an open forum to the entire group. This permits the Biofutures Group members to see the opportunity from an alternative perspective and to gain greater insight than they alone would have. Individual group members then use this collective information to enhance their personal decision-making processes and allow them to decide whether they are a good fit as an investor. If they decide they are keen to invest in a company, they are free to proceed in their own time to develop a closer relationship with the investee.

The terms of the relationship between investee and Biofutures Group member are negotiated directly between the two parties and can take several forms, from straight investment as a business angel type arrangement, through to a position as an expert adviser or board member. 

The Advantage to Companies Looking for Investment

Diverse Knowledge

You gain access to an exclusive group of experienced industry executives who have successfully developed technologies and companies within this sector. They are each highly knowledgeable within their own field and actively looking for new, up-coming companies and technologies in which to invest. 

Industry Expertise

Managed under the umbrella of the Pivotal Scientific Ltd Life Science consultancy, you have the peace of mind that you are working with industry experts who understand the unique challenges and needs of start-up and early-stage companies within this sector. 

No Hidden Costs

There is no cost associated with bringing your company to Biofutures Group. We aim only to put you in contact with the right person to help guide your business forward and assist you in maximising the potential of your business. 

How can Pivotal Scientific assist you?

Pitch Development

Business Plan Development

Business Strategy

Marketing Support

The Journey

Biofutures Group represent the beginning of your commercial journey and Pivotal Scientific Ltd will support you throughout your success.

Once your business is a success, our experienced Mergers and Acquisitions team can assist with the evolution of your company, helping you to plan and execute an exit strategy; be that purchasing other assets or selling your own. 

If you're seeking investment, get in touch with us today to see if BioFuture can take your life science business to the next level.