A day in the life of a PA

Kristie Brown

Dec 15, 2016

I usually arrive in the office at about 7:45am and my first job is to put the kettle on! I then switch my PC on and check my emails. Many of our clients are in the USA and Asia so overnight they answer emails that I have sent the previous day.

Tim travels extensively but when he is in the office he arrives at 8:15am. We have our meeting first thing to discuss the agenda for the day and agree outstanding activities. Today we will have two internal meetings, a visit from one of our PSL Alliance companies and a conference phone call.

The first meeting is our Operations Meeting where the whole Business Development Team meet to discuss our current projects, I take the minutes for the meeting.

Our next meeting is a planning meeting for our European Distributor Delegation to China in March 2017. My role is to co-ordinate the whole trip, I contact the companies that we will visit, I liaise with the delegates, arrange letters of invitation for the delegates if they require a Visa, book hotels and arrange transport to and from the airports and hotels.
I do a lot of planning!  I liken this to juggling, I just need to keep all the balls in the air! We have exhibited at two shows in the USA this year, AACR in New Orleans and SfN Annual in San Diego. We also hold our Annual Networking Meeting in Oxford in June so lots of organising!

After the meetings we have two visitors from one of our PSL Alliance members, they meet with Tim, Richard and James to discuss how we can help them grow their business, so kettle on again!

While the meeting is going on I contact a local restaurant to make a booking for our Christmas party, this is a fun part of my job, I love Christmas!

Our last meeting of the day is a conference call with a company in the USA interested in our Mergers & Acquisitions service. I will set up our conference phone for Tim and Stevan, our Strategic Board Advisor, they will outline the service to the client and determine how we can help them.

I leave the office at 4:30pm to go to the travel agent to pick up Chinese currency for Tim as he is off to China in a couple of weeks,

My days are hectic with things changing all the time, two days are never the same but as they say, variety is the spice of life!