Pivotal Scientific Ltd launch ‘most comprehensive global database’ of antibody manufacturers for research use only.

Kristie Brown

Jun 12, 2013

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, April 18, 2013  – Pivotal Scientific Ltd (PSL), a UK based provider of business services to small and medium enterprises in the life science sector, has released what it believes to be the most complete and comprehensive database of manufacturers and suppliers of antibodies for research use only (not for diagnostic or therapeutic use) available.

The searchable database, comprising over 300 global suppliers, has been made freely available for the use of both researchers and businesses hoping to partner with companies in other regions. The database is complimented with a searchable interactive map of all suppliers in the database, making finding region specific suppliers simple.

“We are very pleased to be offering free access to this database.” said Tim Bernard, CEO of PSL. “I created PSL to help facilitate partnerships between companies in the life science research sector and we think this database is another way to support this”.

“Tim’s knowledge of this sector – in terms of suppliers, distributors and potential partners is unparalleled and he has been able to grow the revenues of a large number of companies,” says James Mosedale, Business Development Manager at PSL, “in creating this free resource we wanted to help businesses and individuals to use some of that knowledge to further their research.”

PSL will continue to expand the database as time goes on and urge suppliers not listed to contact them directly.

Database: https://pivotalscientific.com/antibody-supplier-list

Global maps: https://pivotalscientific.com/maps

About Pivotal Scientific Ltd

Pivotal Scientific Ltd (PSL) is a consultancy working specifically with manufacturers developing reagents for life science research. PSL works with start-ups to help develop their business, sales and marketing strategies, with SMEs looking to take the next step and grow internationally and larger companies looking to acquire other companies.

For further information, please contact:

James Mosedale, Business Development Manager

Pivotal Scientific Ltd