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Just like you

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Below is Tim Bernard's interview from the book “Just Like You” published by Oxfordshire Business First, which profiles more than 50 entrepreneurs from Oxfordshire. How old were you when you started your first company, what was it and how did you find it? I was 43. It was Pivotal Scientific, a Biotech consultancy agency, and it was [...]

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Nordic Immunological Labs Acquires MUbio

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 The Netherlands, 4 February 2013Today, Nordic Immunological Laboratories BV acquired the assets of MUbio Holding BV.Nordic will continue to develop and manufacture high quality MUbio research antibody reagents in the same facilities and with the same key personnel as before, all according to strict ISO 9001 quality guidelines. CEO Ronald Rutten declared that the merger [...]

Hello and many thanks for looking at the NEW PSL blog!

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My name is Tim Bernard and I created Pivotal Scientific in 2008 with the aim to support the growth of companies operating in the biologics for research use only field. Since then I have worked with over 100 companies on a one to one basis offering personalised business advice. I think I’ve done a good [...]