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Avoiding problems in your experiments by buying your research reagents in bulk

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‘Hmm,’ you think, ‘that’s weird. Maybe I screwed up.’ And so you repeat the experiment, more carefully this time, aware that you’re burning through your already meagre sample volume. You get the same result. Why aren’t the controls working? You go through everything, and find the only thing that’s changed between this experiment and the [...]

Pivotal Scientific Ltd launch ‘most comprehensive global database’ of antibody manufacturers for research use only.

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Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, April 18, 2013  – Pivotal Scientific Ltd (PSL), a UK based provider of business services to small and medium enterprises in the life science sector, has released what it believes to be the most complete and comprehensive database of manufacturers and suppliers of antibodies for research use only (not for diagnostic or [...]

PSL introduces Lunginnov s.a.s to Abcore: Distribution Agreement Signed

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Lille, France and San Diego, CA – Lunginnov, a France based provider of novel reagents for the study of vascular remodelling and endothelial dysfunctions, has entered into a distribution agreement with Abcore, a US based provider of custom polyclonal antibodies and representative and distributer for small European biotech companies in North America.Together with Abcore, Lunginnov [...]