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Kristina Whitfield

Apr 24, 2017

China 5

Author: Kristina Whitfield Undertakes marketing activities for Pivotal Scientific and their clients.

Kristina Whitfield

‘We will be back’ – China Trip 2017

Last month, we had our delegation trip to China. This is the second China trip Pivotal Scientific has organised and we welcomed back some familiar faces like Azra Dedic-Schwaiger from Biomedica and Raff and Jonas Baeuerle from Biozol. This year we were also joined by PSL Alliance members Dan Souw from American Research Products (ARP) and Luca Cicchetti from Space Import Export Srl. The trip took place from March 13th to March 19th, during which we visited 2 suppliers in Beijing and 5 suppliers in Wuhan. During this busy schedule, we are pleased to report the Chinese manufacturers are ‘on the highway’ to the global market.

The Chinese manufacturers are continuously improving their production facilities as we learnt that Acro Biosystemsin Beijing and Elabscience and FN test in Wuhan are moving to new facilities providing more space for state of the art equipment. Indeed, almost every company we visited are building new labs to upgrade their production corresponding to their two or even three digit growth rate.

A new trend among the Chinese manufacturers is within the IVD production line. The domestic market in the IVD sector is growing at 20-30% year on year which could be contributed to clients in the IVD sector often placing bulk orders. To capitalize on this opportunity Chinese manufacturers, who Pivotal Scientific are connected with, are all setting up new IVD product lines.

Our delegates were able to enjoy Chinese cuisine during their visit. Our members particularly enjoyed the Peking Duck in the famous duck restaurant, Quanjude, established in 1864. Our delegates all enjoyed the crispy texture of the duck skin and its juicy flavour. Our delegation members had the typical local food – hot dry noodle – and were also able to try lots of varied delicious dishes.

For the delegation members and the visited companies, the trip provided information and an excellent platform for future business plans to be finalised. Building on last years’ experience the delegation members can clearly see that the Chinese Biotech industry is developing fast and are accumulating more experience within the international life science market. Pivotal Scientific will be organising another delegation trip next year and will be eager to see what new developments await us.

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