email marketing


Email marketing can be used as part of an overall digital marketing strategy and is one of the most popular marketing channels used today. Via email you can send direct messages to your audience and communicate a huge variety of company updates, from product promotions to sharing a company story. When used in sync with your customer relationship management (CRM) data a well-crafted message delivered at the right time can have a huge impact on nurturing your leads.

A good email service provider can offer complete transparency over your email marketing activities: allowing you to automatically monitor who opened your newsletter and who clicked on which link. These metrics provide information on who is interacting with your email campaign and is vital when designing future newsletters.

What’s Involved in Email Marketing?

When used to communicate messages as part of an overall marketing plan, email marketing helps you connect with your customers as well as promoting your brand and increasing sales. But, advantages of email marketing are only seen when a few basic rules are implemented.

  • A great list. Before a great campaign is designed you must build up a great list containing email addresses from real people. Secondly, these email addresses should be from people who are genuinely interested in your brand and industry and for European companies they must not come from a purchased list. Not only does this go against the European GDPR regulation but your number of unsubscribes will shoot up and your domain name could be flagged as spam preventing you from sending future newsletters.
  • Design great campaigns which people will want to open. Your campaigns must be instantly recognisable with your brand and host engaging content with unique added value which is of benefit to your subscribers.
  • Grow your list. Enlist many ways of encouraging people to subscribe to your newsletters to grow your list organically.

How Can Pivotal Scientific Help?

Pivotal Scientific can work with you to produce your email marketing campaigns and have experience using several different email service providers such as: Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor and Zoho Campaigns.

Our service always starts with a call to find out how you currently send email campaigns and what your current IT set up is. Depending on your requirements we can then work with you from designing monthly campaigns which fit within your overall marketing plan to devising and implementing a marketing plan with regular emails going out to your different customers e.g. end users, OEM partners, suppliers (if a distributor) or distributors (if a supplier).