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Our industry consultants are a resource we use, to ensure we are making decisions that are relevant to the Life Science market place. All have a wealth of knowledge within the Life Science arena and provide up to date insight into market trends.

Angie Lane
Angie LaneIndustry Insights
Angie is an experienced consult within the life science industry and is able to provide advice and support to biotech companies in the assessment of market opportunities and product range development. She has and in-depth understanding within the field of immunology and related techniques, combined with extensive knowledge of commercial product development and licensing in a fast moving biotechnology environment.
Andrew Wood
Andrew WoodFinancial Strategist
Andrew has extensive financial and commercial experience within the start up stage and established businesses within sectors of biotechnology, telecoms and retail.
Steve Howell
Steve HowellFounder and CEO of Innova Partnerships
Steve founded Innova Partnerships with the initial aim of supporting Innova Biosciences Ltd. Since then Innova Partnerships have invested in additional Life Science companies and have developed a strategic partnering network to support the global growth of Life Science businesses. Steve’s passion is helping and seeing Life Science businesses grow, flourish and become profitable.

He has a strong technical background in Medical Devices and was previously Research Director at Unipath Ltd. He began his career working at the pharmaceutical company Merck, Sharpe and Dohme Inc before moving to Unilever plc where he went on to become Head of the Biorecognition Unit.

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