Pivotal Scientific Opens New Incubation Facility in Milton Park, Oxfordshire, UK.

Kristie Brown

Mar 12, 2014

Announces new facility to help start-ups and multinational firms set up European laboratories, sales offices and logistics centres

Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, UK, 25th February 2014 – Pivotal Scientific Ltd, (PSL) the only Biotech Consultancy Company providing business solutions exclusively to Companies within the research reagents market is pleased to announce the opening of its new Incubation Facility at Milton Park, Oxfordshire, UK.

PSL’s CEO, Tim Bernard, commented – “We are delighted to have opened a new Incubation Facility in Oxfordshire.  The Milton Park Innovation Centre is a perfect location for us to forge closer links to new companies in this sector.  The new facility will allow the Company to provide more proactive business support to both local and national start-ups, SME’s, together with more established large Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies looking to set up new offices in the UK to grow their sales in this market and throughout Europe.”

About Pivotal Scientific Ltd – PSL’s mission is to help enterprises located worldwide to grow their brand and sell in a highly competitive and rapidly changing Life Science reagent market, by supporting Companies at all stages of the  business life cycle, from proposed business plan to facilitating production and giving advice during mergers and acquisitions and exit strategy.  Indeed Pivotal Scientific is unique in offering   a “one stop shop” offering services that Companies can pick and choose from to suit their growth strategy within this ever changing/developing market. For more information on Pivotal Scientific Ltd visit www.pivotalscientific.com.

About Milton Park – Milton Park is one of the largest mixed use business estates in Europe and is home to a wide range of companies leading the way in the high-tech, innovative, R&D industries. The life sciences cluster at Milton Park is the largest in Oxfordshire and one of the most significant in the United Kingdom. For more information on Milton Park, and its owners MEPC, click here: http://www.mepc.com/miltonpark/home.aspx


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