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Chinese B2B Introductions

Chinese Suppliers Distributors

Chinese B2B Introduction for western distributors

Western distributors use our B2B introduction service to help expand their product catalogue with the addition of Chinese suppliers. More Chinese suppliers are now gaining an ISO certification and also Pivotal Scientific’s ‘Seal of Approval’.  Therefore, Western distributors can now be confident that Chinese suppliers are showing an increasing ability to meet western standards.

Chinese suppliers who have previously been audited by Pivotal Scientific are awarded The Pivotal Scientific ‘Seal of Approval’. To pass this audit, the supplier must demonstrate key competencies such as quality products, excellent customer service and a timely delivery rate. Additionally, a member of the Pivotal Scientific team visits the facilities to carry out a review.

Pivotal Scientific’s B2B service first involves a conversation with yourself to gain a full understanding of your business model and what product types you are looking to add to your product catalogue. After these conversations, we then work to source complementary suppliers who, with your agreement, will be personally introduced to you.

If you are a distributor looking to significantly increase your number of Chinese suppliers, we would recommend you view information on our China Trip 2019. This trip provides an opportunity to travel to China to meet many Chinese suppliers and manufacturers on a cost effective day.

Chinese B2B Introduction for western suppliers

Western businesses looking to expand their reach into China use our B2B Introduction service. This expansion may be through new OEM opportunities or by developing a Chinese distribution network.

Pivotal Scientific will use their local market knowledge to source appropriate companies that are suitable for your products. This is dependent upon which of these routes into China best suits your business model. With your agreement, Pivotal Scientific will then personally introduce your brand and products to your chosen Chinese business partner(s).

For western suppliers looking for introductions to Chinese distributors, we recommend you review our Chinese distributor network service.

Chinese Suppliers Distributors
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