Access to Chinese Web Portals

Chinese Platforms

Digital Marketing in China

First of all, carrying out digital marketing in China, you cannot simply follow the western rule book. To start with, in 2011 Google began removing their services from China due to continual blocking from the Great Firewall of China. The firewall plays a role in internet censorship in China and blocks certain foreign internet tools. Moreover, this is not just limited to Google search, but also includes social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

With Google and conventional social media plans inaccessible in China, it is important to look at alternative digital marketing opportunities. In consequence, this will increase your brand visibility in China.

Promoting Your Brand in China

Therefore, digital marketing tactics in China can include hosting websites on Chinese servers or using the Chinese social media platform WeChat. Additionally, a more cost-efficient option to promote your brand and product catalogue in China is to use Chinese scientific portals.

Biomart and Bioon are the most prominent scientific online platforms where suppliers display their product catalogue along with company information. What is more, thousands of researchers visit these portals each month with a high volume of traffic coming from academia. Also, Chinese researchers view Biomart and Bioon as their main online tool to check for product information as well as purchasing products.

How Pivotal Scientific Limited Can Help You

Finally, depending upon your requirements, we offer a vast range of options to help set your company up on these platforms. Options include but are not limited to helping with online portal registration, translation, page design and assistance with product uploads onto portals. Furthermore, as part of our service, for one year after Biomart/Bioon registration we will provide you with a quarterly report. Particularly, this report will consist of key metrics representing how your company and product pages are functioning on the portals.