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General Information


Biomart is the leading e-platform for Chinese researchers to search for products needed for their lab work in biological field. The traffic visiting this website is significant (638.6K visits in the last 6 months according to statistics analysis by and could be good platform for western Biotech companies to promote brand awareness and product details.


Service Options


  • Membership service
    • Biomart provides membership to Biotech companies
    • Each contracted member will have a sub-page to introduce their company and other general information
    • Each contracted member can log in product entries for user to search
  • Banner ads
    • Both Bioon and Biomart provide this option on their home page
    • Each banner ad could link to a sub-page to either specify the promotion plan or other information
  • Online to offline promotion
    • Biomart provides online forum for further discussion in technique related topics
    • Biomart organizes many conferences through the year and these are options for advertising
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