No company is too small and no problem too simple to support.

Pivotal Scientific has supported the biotechnology industry in Merger and Acquisitions since 2010. We operate on both the Buying and Selling side- completing sales in the UK, across Europe and in the USA and supporting buyers across all continents including Asia and Africa. Pivotal Scientific operates in the small to medium market, supporting companies that generate up to £30m Earnings Before Interest & Taxes (EBIT) per annum, by offering a broad set of advisory and transaction services.

At Pivotal Scientific, we support a broad set of transactions including:

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Management-led buyouts
  • Disposals (assets and stock)

We have developed a proprietary database of sellers globally, covering manufacturers, distributors and hybrid resellers.

Our model is modular in format so we can provide:

  • Individual activities on a standalone basis
  • End to end support


1. Feasibility

To assess the company and provide a synopsis of the business with specific reference to its ‘saleability’.

2. Roadmap

Provides a time-based set of activities and options available to exit your company

3. Implementation

The implementation of the roadmap on an ongoing basis

4. Promotion

The promotion of asset/company to our proprietary database. This base includes active buyers and sellers.

5. Sale

Supporting our clients in completing the sale from first engagement to contract completion


Pivotal Scientific are different because we have combined deep industry knowledge and broad M&A experience in biotechnology, IT and telecommunications. We believe that in order to help companies we first have to understand them.  This means our team have experience in setting up companies, growing companies and selling companies, all within the Biotechnology sector. We use this direct personal experience to support our clients in developing and executing their M&A strategy.



To support the widest possible scenarios, we provide a full suite of advisory services including:

  • Valuation services (including value creation planning)
  • Feasibility studies (how to get ‘fit for purpose’)
  • Business planning including full strategic support for future sales including long range planning (a model to implement and to present to potential investors)
  • Identify potential buyers or acquisition targets
  • Due diligence
  • Sales and marketing planning and execution including full channel and marketing support
  • Agent support (end to end support to sell or buy companies/assets) including Deal structuring

Pivotal Scientific Limited will provide a framework and model to support you through this process. We do not operate as legal or financial experts but purely as experts of Mergers & Acquisitions within the research reagent manufacturers’ arena.

Acris Antibodies has been working with PSL and Tim Bernard for many years. In that time they have helped us in many ways, not the least in helping us to reorganize our distribution network and in mediating the merger of Acris Antibodies into the OriGene family just this year. PSL have done a really great job – thank you!

Hans-Joachim Soll, Acris Antibodies

CliniSciences has had a close relationship with Pivotal Scientific for many years and during that time we have seen them successfully partner a number of companies as part of their acquisitions service. When CliniSciences decided we wanted to acquire a distributor in the United Kingdom it was an easy decision to approach Pivotal Scientific to give us a detailed overview of the market. Pivotal then worked closely with us to identify companies that were within our target revenue range and approach them confidentially on our behalf. Once we had a shortlist we were introduced directly to the companies to continue the discussions.

In February of 2016 CliniSciences was able to finalise our acquisition of Generon. We have been extremely happy with the relationship we have developed with Generon and look forward to helping them grow over the coming years. We are very grateful to Pivotal Scientific to the support they gave to CliniSciences and we will definitely use them again.”

Tushendan Rasiah , Clinisciences

“PSL was a great partner when we decided to sell our company: Tim and James were extremely engaged in the whole process – which started with creating a company pack, getting in contact with potential buyers, starting a bidding process and going through the due diligence. Their experience in that field of business and their know-how, together with their network and of course also their great personality makes PSL to an unique and excellent consultancy.”

Monika Schermann
Monika Schermann, Nordic

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