Not confident setting up your own AdWords campaign? We will work with you to decide on your budget, create your AdWords campaign, assemble your AdWords group and select the AdWords Keywords.



We will make sure that keywords are optimised to match as many search queries as possible. We will monitor click through rates and quality score to ensure the ads chosen are fit for purpose. Your AdWords will be monitored daily to make sure they are achieving the optimum average position, gaining the most impressions and receiving the most relevant clicks, ensuring your budget is being optimised.

Once your budget is set the team will set up the campaign, the type, what devices, which locations, then the Ad Groups will be set up within the campaign, as these contain keywords and the ads. Because any ad group can be triggered by any keyword, it will be important that every keyword is relevant to the ad.

Then the team will develop an Ad making sure they are relevant, they contain a call to action, special offers, and USPs and ultimately appeal to the user’s intent, making sure each ad has all the relevant ad extensions and site link extensions.

Maintaining your AdWords campaigns in-house can be very time consuming and addictive, outsourcing this activity would free up time internally to focus on sales.


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