Another ranking factor to take into consideration, which is intrinsically linked to SEO is the content on the website. Making content interesting is subjective to the topic, however when you are producing your page copy it is important that it is of interest to your target audience.

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Our team of experienced PhD content writers will make sure that the key scientific facts and information are included in your content and blog entries. We will work together to plan what your requirements are from a content or blog point of view

Our job is to turn your brief into a finished product which will become part of a targeted webpage. Content marketing is about writing tightly focused text that include a set of keywords or phrases. High quality content will ensure that these keywords will appear in the right density and that key subject matter is included in the content. Because of the nature of our industry (Life Science, Biotechnology and Research Reagents) we can produce high quality content, written fluently and persuasively on a range of industry related subjects whilst integrating keywords without losing readability.

So whether it is an industry related topic to add content to your website or a blog about some new technologies you would like to share with your potential customers our team of content writers and bloggers will be able to produce this material for you.


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With our in-depth research reagent industry knowledge we can offer full email marketing services, including content writing, designing email templates and creating custom graphics. We can produce unique e-newsletter and e-blast templates.

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