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Wednesday June 22nd 2016

The last Pivotal Scientific Networking Meeting took place on June 22nd 2016 at De Vere Venues : The Kassam Stadium in Oxfordshire. There were presentations by

  • multimmune GmbHThe therapeutic, imaging and diagnostic potential of a unique monoclonal antibody against Hsp70: a new cancer theranostic
  • The Native Antigen Company When your New Product selection works really well – our experience with the Zika virus outbreak
  • SeekQuence Big Data and Analytics for Research Reagents

It was the perfect occasion to connect with other companies working within the life sciences in one day, and the feedback from delegates was very positive.

To view photos from our last event please visit our picture gallery

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Previous Networking Events:

Wednesday, 24th June 2015

PSL’s fifth Annual Pivotal Circle meeting took place on Wednesday, 24th June at De Vere Venues : The Kassam Stadium in Oxfordshire. With more than 50 delegates attending from all over the world this was the biggest yet. There were many great networking opportunities.

Three companies gave presentations at the event:


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Wednesday, 17th September 2014

We are excited to announce that PSL’s fourth Pivotal Circle meeting will take place on Wednesday, 17th September at 99 Milton Park in Oxfordshire. We are expecting this meeting to be the biggest yet, with attendees coming in from all over Europe.

Three companies will be presenting at the event:

  • handyem– Nicholas Gagnon will be presenting their new flow cytometer
  • Avacta Life Sciences– Chris Miller will be introducing their novel product range using engineered proteins called Affimers
  • Horizon 2020– Dr Octavio Pernas will be speaking about EU funding/grants available for businesses in the life sciences research sector

Due to the popularity of previous events we can only accept one person per company. If you would like to attend this meeting please add your details to the fields below. There will also be a dinner in the evening with a cost associated, please indicate if you would like to attend this as well.

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Tuesday, 25th March 2014
PSL’s third Pivotal Circle networking event was held on Tuesday, 25th March at 99 Milton Park just south of Oxford. The turnout was significant with over 50 people attending from all parts of Europe including, France, Sweden, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. The feedback from the event was equally impressive:

  • 100% respondents rating the networking opportunities as Excellent or Very Good
  • 100% rated the venue as Excellent (22%), Very Good (45%) or Good (33%)
  • 100% of attendees would recommend the Pivotal Circle to other companies in the Research Reagent sector

Three biotech companies presented at the event:

  • pubgrade discussed their novel technology to allow life science firms to advertise their products on specific research papers
  • Charisela discussed their products
  • Chromatrap introduced a more efficient, sensitive & robust method of chromatin immunoprecipitation.


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