Do you want to get the benefits of utilising social media, but not confident in the social media arena? Most social media platforms are free, well sort of, because time is money. It takes time to manage and build up your social media strategy.

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With our Life Science & Biotechnology expertise, we can focus your social media packages to suit your business needs on the day, every working day.

We highly recommend Twitter for your day to day interaction, getting a ‘live’ message out to your audience. You can interact with your customers and share ideas on work related activities.

For more industry lead news we would recommend LinkedIn. A professional networking tool. We would set up your company’s page and send industry related articles on your behalf.

Having a presence on social media in today’s business world is very important.

Our current clients’ social media packages are designed to suit their business needs and we would encourage you to discuss your requirements with us to ensure the right package is put in place to suit your budget.


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