From Dundee, Scotland, Cellexus International Ltd develops and manufactures the CellMaker range of patented, disposable, single use bioreactors (SUB) and associated hardware. These bioreactors offer a reduced investment alternative to existing technologies combining with a low footprint and excellent performance.

Additionally, The CellMaker range of bioreactors uses a unique airlift system enabling excellent mixing and aeration. Therefore, they can be fit with sensors for pH and dissolved oxygen to enhance process control, maximising yields and reducing time to market.

First developed in 2008, the CellMaker range continues to be optimised for efficiency and versatility. Available in 8L and 50L sizes, it has been proven with a wide range of cell lines for fermentation applications used in the life sciences and biopharmaceutical industries, such as E. coli, P. pastoris, bacteriophage, yeast and algae. Our customers have accelerated their processes and increased their yields compared to their standard methods and expectations.