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Melinda Higgins

Jun 3, 2013

Pivotal Sci

Author: Melinda Higgins

Melinda Higgins

Pivotal Scientific Ltd and Base Pair Biotechnologies Partner to Expand Access to Novel Aptamer Technologies to Global Markets

Oxfordshire, UK and Texas, US, June 3, 2013 – Pivotal Scientific Ltd, a consultancy company specialising in developing the international growth of biotech SMEs, and Base Pair Biotechnologies, a specialist developer of novel aptamer based technologies for research and diagnostics, are pleased to announce their collaboration to expand the reach of Base Pair Biotechnologies products and services.

A mainstay of bioscience research is the antibody. Yet standard antibody technologies can take months to produce an antibody against a new target; a long time in the fast paced and global arena of the biosciences. Base Pair Biotechnologies’ patented development process can turn around aptamers – short strands of DNA or RNA that specifically bind a target with equal specificity and affinity to antibodies – in weeks instead of months, getting researchers the reagents they need faster, with greater consistency and stability.

Pivotal Scientific will develop and expand the availability of Base Pair Biotechnologies aptamer services and products for end users through their comprehensive knowledge, experience and contacts in the biologics for research and diagnostic use sector, including the Pivotal Scientific Alliance, a global network of SMEs supplying reagents for research use only.

Base Pair Biotechnologies aptamers offer a range of additional benefits over antibodies, such as ambient storage and regeneration after use, and carry none of the ethical issues involved in in vivo production of antibodies. “We think Pivotal Scientific are just the right mix of people and experience to help bring our services, and their advantages, to as wide a range of researchers as possible.” said Lisa Thurston, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Base Pair Biotechnologies.

“Aptamers can do all the things antibodies are typically used for, like western blotting or ELISAs,” says Tim Bernard, CEO of Pivotal Scientific, “but can be developed faster, and with better consistency and long term accessibility.” Bernard continues “We’re very excited to be working with Base Pair Biotechnologies and look forward introducing their company and services to our clients and a worldwide audience”.

About Base Pair Biotechnologies:

Scientists at Base Pair Biotechnologies have been studying aptamers and developing them on a research basis since 2004 and began recently offering these services commercially. With a patented multiplexed approach they can develop custom aptamers at unprecedented time and cost.

Base Pair Biotechnologies, Inc. is a spin-off of parent company, BioTex, Inc., the original developer of several molecular biology and diagnostic technologies currently being commercialized. Base Pair Bio is a privately held company located in the Med Centre of Houston, Texas.

For further information about Base Pair Technologies, please contact:

Lisa Thurston, Director of Marketing and Business Development

Base Pair Technologies


About Pivotal Scientific Ltd

Pivotal Scientific Ltd (PSL) is a consultancy working specifically with manufacturers developing reagents for life science research. PSL works with start-ups to help develop their business, sales and marketing strategies, with SMEs looking to take the next step and grow internationally and larger companies looking to acquire other companies.

For further information about Pivotal Scientific, please contact:

James Mosedale, Business Development Manager

Pivotal Scientific Ltd

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