Pivotal Scientific Ltd gets new Chairman of the Board and Director

Kristina Whitfield

Jul 17, 2014

Pivotal Sci

Author: Kristina Whitfield Undertakes marketing activities for Pivotal Scientific and their clients.

Kristina Whitfield

Oxford, United Kingdom – July 17, 2014 – Pivotal Scientific Ltd (PSL), a life sciences consultancy for the research reagents sector announced that James Bernard, Corporate Development Manager of PSL, was appointed to Chairman of the Board.

“James has extraordinary experience and insights that come from working with so many companies in the life science sector and I am delighted that he has chosen to play such an active role in the growth of PSL” said Tim Bernard, PSL CEO and Owner.

“I am honoured to become Chairman of PSL and work with this exceptional team,” James said. “PSL has an outstanding reputation in the research reagents industry for supplying a broad range of business development services and they will undoubtedly continue to play a critical role in supporting the growth of start-ups and SMEs in this sector.”

James Bernard currently serves as CEO and Director of Oxford Expression Technologies and 2BScientific – two privately held companies located in Oxford, U.K. He was also previously Managing Director at AbD Serotec.


At the same time, Business Development Manager James Mosedale accepted a position to become Business Development Director with PSL.

James was quick to point out the importance of Tim in his development; “I am very grateful to Tim Bernard for mentoring me through my time at AbD Serotec, Abgent and now PSL and I am excited to take an enhanced role in continuing the rapid growth that PSL has seen in the last three years.”

Tim responded “James has had an immediate impact on the growth of PSL and his addition to the board will strengthen the company moving forward.”

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