Project Description


SeekQuence is a Silicon Valley company and our goal is to help life scientists accelerate their scientific discovery processes by using Big Data technologies.

Serving Scientists: a large search engine for research products

The search engine,, is designed with the researcher in mind that needs to quickly identify the right product for the next experiment. The search engine allows a life science research to design the next experiment with trusted and validated products. Knowing that a product has been successfully used for a specific scientific application by respected scientists, as demonstrated by peer-reviewed publications, is of great importance to any researcher.

Serving Life Science Industry: professional services

We work closely with life science suppliers to help them do better online commerce, marketing, and sales. We offer the following professional services:

  • Citation service: enable scientists to validate products and view “endorsements” from authors
  • Marketing analysis: help companies gain unprecedented insights about the market
  • Lead generation: help companies reach out to relevant researchers for their products
  • Predictive intelligence: predict and identify the technologies and tools that will drive the emerging promising research areas
  • Premium product listing: help online users connect with product suppliers by listing your products on our website.