Project Description

The MPA Group

Pivotal Scientific and The MPA Group work in partnership to help UK businesses successfully benefit from alternative sources of funding. Together, we create a funding package tailored to your needs; this includes R&D Tax Relief, patent box, grants and specialist accountancy advice to business engaged in R&D activities.

We’ve successfully increased R&D entitlement for clients; helped them benefit from patents; advised on grants and found surplus cash and capital from within their business.

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‘For many years we had been claiming successfully under the R&D Tax Credit scheme when approached by The MPA Group to discuss our claim process. Our initial reaction was that we were happy with our claim process however, after a short meeting with one of MPA’s advisors it became apparent that we were probably missing areas of eligibility and as a result under claiming significantly. 

 We decided to engage MPA and in short, they exceeded our expectations! 

 The work activity of Everest Biotech was comprehensively assessed by one of MPA’s industry analysts – their skills and expertise highlighted MPA’s particular process, one that produced a significant increase to our benefit. Equally important to us was the justification which was reasoned rather than being pushed on us and, the process provided clarity and support throughout but didn’t commit a lot of our own time. This is something that we could never have achieved as it clearly requires a technical competence, in depth knowledge of the scheme and a strong understanding of how it can be interpreted. 

 Our message is that if you are claiming don’t assume it is a ‘good claim’ – take the time to review it with The MPA Group!

 Monika Mobley, Operations & Finance Manager

Everest Biotech Ltd & Pivotal Scientific Alliance Member

June 2016’