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Chromocyte is a free academic driven portal dedicated to flow cytometry and other antibody-related techniques. It was launched in 2010 by Professor Graham Pockley, Director of the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre in Nottingham and formerly the Professor of Immunobiology at the University of Sheffield Medical School in the UK.  Graham’s aim was for Chromocyte to be the premier online resource flow cytometry and all antibody-related techniques. With his extensive experience he had the expertise to create Chromocyte however, he did not have the manpower resources to raise awareness of his portal, gain end users, and encourage businesses operating within this field to sponsor it – as a free resource to end users it was vital that Chromocyte attracted sponsorship from industry. Graham approached Pivotal Scientific and asked if we would be able to assist in this task.

We became Chromocyte’s outsourced Sales and Marketing team and took charge of the following:

Marketing Material

We produce targeted marketing material to reinforce the Chromocyte brand and raise awareness to the flow cytometry industry and research community – brochures, adverts, banner ads, postcards, flyers etc. We then disseminate these materials via various marketing mediums.

Raise awareness to attract more end users and sponsors:

We represent Chromocyte at exhibitions and conferences to introduce and educate people on the features and benefits of Chromocyte as a unique tool that could enable researchers to improve all aspects of their flow cytometry research. Our aim is to gain more users to the Chromocyte portal as well as attracting new sponsors wishing to raise their profiles in this competitive market.

Manage sponsorship accounts

We look after the existing sponsors and ensure their sponsorship needs are being fulfilled. Via regular communication with sponsors, we make sure our marketing activities are in line with their own strategies. We are constantly seeking new solutions to raise awareness of sponsors’ products and services to the flow cytometry community.

Manage monthly E-newsletter

A monthly flow related newsletter is sent to the Chromocyte CRM. We are responsible for collecting material from sponsors, advising them on the most suitable content that will achieve the best response, and subsequently provide metrics reports upon execution.

Outreach to find new sponsors

We have an ongoing outreach campaign to attract new sponsors via both email and Eblasts.

Promotion of flow cytometry jobs website

An affiliate website was created specifically for job listings within the field of flow cytometry. We gave advice on the design of this and promoted it to the flow community and potential sponsors.


Pivotal Scientific has played a central role in raising awareness of Chromocyte to the flow cytometry community, growing its online audience, attracting new sponsors and managing sponsors’ accounts. The Chromocyte website and flow cytometry jobs website combined have 6,800 average monthly views, with the newsletter boosting a 12% open rate from its 38,000 industry-related contacts.

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