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About Cellcolabs

Cellcolabs is a biotech impact start-up specializing in industrial GMP production of high-quality Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (MSC), in order to make them available at scale. We have seen first-hand how patients who could have been significantly helped by MSC, could not receive treatment due to unavailability and unaffordability. Therefore, founded in the Swedish capital Stockholm in 2021, we have industrialized the know-how at Karolinska Institute to make high-quality GMP produced MSCs available at scale to an affordable price. Our mission is to accelerate stem cell research and treatments by providing affordable and high-quality MSCs.

Accelerating advanced cell therapy research and treatments

Advanced cell therapies will disrupt health care as we know it. Application opportunities are almost limitless. However, there is a shortage of cells manufactured according to full Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance on the global market – both for clinical trials and treatments. That’s why Cellcolabs was founded in 2021.


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