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About Diaorigin Biotechnology

Diaorigin Biotechnology was created in 2019 by Dr. Bo YU, founder of Larix Bioscience and holder of the SwiMR patent, with a research laboratory in Shanghai and a commercial team in Paris. Their core technology SwiMR (Switchable Membrane Reporter), applied in antibody drug discovery industry since 2012, provides IVD manufacturers with a professional platform for their research and production.

Their SwiMR technology is a high-performance cellular-production construction system allowing to:

  • Construct high-expression stable cell pool for any amplification in 1 month;
  • Re-construct any unknown antigen and antibody for cellular expression in 2 months;
  • Construct high-expression monoclonal cell line in 3 months;
  • Minimize mutations and expression lost with wild-type CHO cell line.

Their reconstructed CHO-production system regularly achieves 500-1000mg/L of antibody yield, much more beneficial than hybridomal production. More than thirty proved SwiMR vectors, adapts to any of your construction in any cell line.

Their purification service provides IVD manufacturers with up to 10kg/month of antibody yield, with very competitive prices.

Diaorigin look forward to working with more IVD manufacturers, offering their best service.


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