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About LabRaum GmbH

LabRaum: tradition goes modern!

In 2018 LabRaum GmbH acquired Friedrich Glanz GmbH, a Viennese distribution company with more than 60 years of experience and competence in the Austrian market.

With a very loyal customer base and long lasting partnerships with some of the world’s most recognized suppliers, they are now set to add new opportunities and offer their customers new solutions, extended service capabilities and a fresh spirit.

They treat all their partners, suppliers and customers the same way: a fair partnership with maximum support. Their values: flexibility, loyalty, dedication, support and knowledge.

Their brand sign, the dragonfly, symbolizes transformation, adaptability, strength, prosperity and joy.
They are your gateway to the Austrian IVD market.



Real-Time PCR


QC (ISO 15189, ISO 17025) EQA

Rapid Tests



  • kits
  • in vitro reagents
  • molecular