Rapid Novor

Unit 450, 137 Glasgow St. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 4X8
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Sequence, understand and reproduce antibodies at scale
Proprietary techniques and bioinformatics deliver unparalleled accuracy, throughput and speed
Tackle reproducibility issues, secure supply, and accelerate development


Rapid Novor Inc is the world’s leader in antibody protein sequencing technology. Specializing in the field of mass spectrometry-based proteomics, the team has developed the technology to directly sequence the antibody proteins without needing to access the cell line.

As a University of Waterloo spin-off, the company is building its technology portfolios based on the twenty years of scientific research and inventions from Dr. Bin Ma, co-founder and chief scientist. The company’s REmAb™ antibody protein sequencing service has allowed the accurate sequencing of any given antibody proteins routinely. The company’s WILD™ service is the first commercially available service that can accurately distinguish the isomeric Isoleucine and Leucine using mass spectrometry.

Top Selling Products/Ranges

REmAb Monoclonal Antibody Protein Sequencing
REpAb Polyclonal Antibody Protein Sequencing
de novo Protein Sequencing
Antibody sequence validation

Custom Services

Therapeutic Antibody Drug Discovery
Antibody Engineering
in vitro Diagnostic Development
Biosimilar Development