Yashraj Biotechnology

C-232 TTC Indl Area, MIDC, Navi Mumbai 400705, India
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Largest bulk suppliers of native antigens, with all required regulatory approvals to ensure a stable supply line of antigens.
Recombinant antigens customized as per customer’s specifications.
OEM arrangement for native as well as recombinant antigens and antibodies.
Induced Pluripotent Stem cell products, such as Cardiomyocytes, Hepatocytes, etc.
Phage Display Library for Antibodies


High purity products are to be used as immunogens for raising antibodies.
For use as Controls and Calibrators.


Yashraj Biotechnology Limited is an ISO 13485 and FDA (India) approved company. We are large scale manufacturers of Antigens and Antibodies of diagnostic relevance Currently, YBL is manufacturing various antigens using three major routes such as native, recombinant and cell derived antigens. Our products have wide range of usage such as standards, calibrators and immunogens. Our cell culture unit produces antibodies with high specificity, in mouse and rabbit system.

Top Selling Products/Ranges

Cancer Antigens
PAPP-A and Prolactin

Custom Services

Antibody Purification
Cell Culture
IVD Reagents
MAb Production
Phage Display
Protein Purification