Here are a few testimonials showing how our clients trust and appreciate the work we have done for them.

Biozol Logo

We are very happy to be PSL’s Recommended Distributor for Germany since 2014 and this has helped our business significantly in the last year. Ways that PSL has supported us include:

  • Personal introductions to members of the PSL Alliance which have led to new distribution agreements being signed
  • Personal introductions to suppliers outside the PSL Alliance that we felt well positioned to distribute for which led us to signing more distribution agreements
  • PSL is the first to know changes in the Research Reagent market allowing our company to keep on top of new opportunities and threats
  • PSL’s networking events allow us to continue to improve relationships with our current suppliers and to meet new potentials

We have a very close and regular contact with PSL and we are sure that this cooperation is for many years to come!

Jonas Bäuerle


Expedeon Logo

“Pivotal Scientific has been instrumental in growing Innova Biosciences [now Expedeon] into a business with distributors covering Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Their knowledge base and understanding of the various cultures were key in making Innova Biosciences a successful company operating on an international basis.”

Lightning-Link: one step Antibody labeling kits:

  • 43 different labels (enzymes, Flourochromes, beads, Oligos & gold)
  • Phosphate Detection Kits
  • Nucleotide Resins
  • NTPase Assay Kits
  • Protein Purification
  • Custom Conjugation Service

Brian Carpenter


DB Biotech Logo

“DB Biotech, Ltd, Popradska 80, Kosice, Slovakia has been involved in collaboration with Pivotal Scientific Limited , represented by Mr Tim Bernard since 2008, in order to establish the OEM and distributor relationship with key players in development, production and sales of monospecific antibodies in the world market. This collaboration brought a lot of new opportunities with new projects and business related applications of new quality of monospecific rabbit antibodies, developed and produced by DB biotech for research and clinical diagnostics applications.”

High affinity rabbit “clonal” antibodies developed by a novel in-vitro cloning technique

  • CE Marked antibodies for clinical pathology
  • Antibodies for WB, IP & ELISA
  • Custom antibody production

Tomas Dobransky

DB Biotech

LifeSpan Bio logo

“PSL was appointed 3 years ago to provide guidance in building a sustainable distributor network for LSBio. This distributor network has delivered great growth during Tim’s consultancy and he now remains available for general B2B advice on the Antibody market.”

LifeSpan Biosciences offer supply chain solutions to Biotech companies. They offer a full range of standard and customized services:

  • IHC-PlusTM antibodies
  • 70,000 catalog antibodies
  • Tissue microarrays
  • Tissue screening
  • IHC Data & pathology services

Andrew Elston

LifeSpan Biosciences

Chromocyte logo

“Tim Bernard and the PSL team have been collaborating with Chromocyte for the past 12 months. They have used their experience and knowledge to develop a comprehensive marketing plan for a new global scientific internet resource prior to our launch in July 2010. The PSL team continues to provide creative sales and marketing solutions that have enabled Chromocyte to strengthen and establish its presence in the worldwide Flow Cytometry market.

PSL rigorously explores all avenues in order to find the best solution for the task in hand. Their honest, flexible approach, coupled with their genuine expertise has made my working relationship with PSL a very positive and fruitful one. I recommend them without hesitation.”

Chromocyte is an innovative online resource for facilitating the design of complex multi-parameter flow cytometry experiments and sourcing reagents.

  • Monthly subscription options
  • Banner Ad opportunities

Prof. Graham Pockley



“PSL came on board to represent us in the OEM and distributor sales channels for our immunological reagents. With their extensive experience within the Life Science market, they helped us identify key contacts and approached them on our behalf. Also, they were very contributive in helping us compose promotional material. As a result we have established fulfilling collaborations with serious Biotech partners. Their approach is professional, yet they still have a sense of humour, which makes for a very satisfying relationship”

Nordic Immunological Laboratories are specialized in:

  • Human and animal antisera plus its conjugates
  • Monoclonal antibodies and conjugates
  • Antisera against enzymes and conjugates
  • Reference preparations and calibrators
  • Purified proteins

Ronald Rutten


2B Scientific logo

“As a three year old company we approached PSL looking to take our business to the next level. After a three hour audit of our company and our facilities PSL gave us a proposal which we have adhered to and our sales have grown substantially in light of this. The management team have received training from PSL in both leadership and communication which gave us excellent new ideas on how to get the most out of our teams.

Tim has introduced 2BScientific to a number of companies who have since become our key suppliers and has developed and improved our Warehousing and Logistics service.”

A UK Distribution company working in the Life Science research market. Key focus areas include:

  • Immunology-antibodies (primary, secondary & detection)
  • Molecular biology
  • Assay design
  • Separation science
  • Stem cells
  • Veterinary


Abcore logo

“Tim and the PSL team have worked with AbCore since our inception in 2011. We have used the full suite of PSL services including Business and Financial Planning and their individual Sales & Marketing services. Theclarity they have brought to our business, together with our rapid growth in sales and employees means we are truly grateful for their personal support. We have introduced PSL to other biotech firms in San Diego and will continue to do so.”

Quality Custom Antibodies and US Hub:

Custom Antibody Services

  • Rabbit, goat and chicken polyclonal antibody development
  • Free Peptide Antigen Design
  • Animals housed and maintained in USDA and NIH registered facilities in the USA
  • First rabbit production bleeds in 35 days from immunization
  • Updated project notifications throughout process
  • For EU customers, all transactions through EU subsidiary, avoiding need for import or export permits.

US Hub

Conveniently positioned within a Life Science market the size of Europe, California, is an ideal location for a US Hub. Abcore can offer non-US companies the opportunity to establish themselves in the competitive US Life Science market, without all the initial set up costs and general aggravation that accompanies it.


Biosynergy logo

“Pivotal Scientific has been instrumental in finding new customers for Biosynergy, a small Company with a mix of products and services, and limited resources to market us effectively. Tim and the Pivotal team have an enviable track record in bringing products to market and know the antibody reagents market intimately. As affiliates under the “Pivotal Parasol”, we have gained an exposure to Tim’s extensive network within the industry, and enabled promoting our business through his tireless attendance of international conferences and tradeshows, which would otherwise have required a considerable marketing budget. As business associates, Pivotal Scientific are extremely professional and very personal; it is a pleasure to deal with them and I can thoroughly recommend them unreservedly.”

Offering mammalian cell culture and antibody production services as well as a small range of unique monoclonal antibodies including the well published CD34 Mab, clone QBEnd 10. Services include:

  • Mammalian cell culture and antibody production services.
  • Bulk antibodies for OEM such as CD Markers & Infectious Disease


Everest-Biotech logo

“Tim has introduced Everest Biotech – a major manufacturer of goat polyclonal antibodies – to a number of companies who now work with us on an OEM basis. His contacts in this area are unsurpassed and our sales have increased significantly.

Tim has been managing our distribution network for the last three years and we have been very pleased with his efforts to get the most out of our distributors and which distributors we should be using in each new territory we look to sell into.

Everest Biotech has also worked closely with the rest of the PSL team relying on them to produce our marketing literature and design logos for specific promotions.

We have been very happy with all the work PSL has done on our behalf and see them as our outsourced Sales & Marketing team.”

Offering over 2000 in-house manufactured affinity purified goat polyclonals, including:

  • Transcription Factors
  • Stem Cell
  • Autophagy
  • Neuroscience
  • Obesity & Diabetes

Dr. Nick Hutchings

CEO – Everest Biotech

immuno reagents logo

“Pivotal Scientific’s FBI program has successfully aligned ImmunoReagents with key distributors in select territories. Pivotal Scientific’s broad network of highly qualified distributors allowed our company to create business partnerships that otherwise would have been difficult to obtain. We appreciate their skill and expertise in selecting those proper distribution channels.”

Company Description:

  • Worldwide manufacturer of quality polyclonal antibodies used in research and in vitro diagnostics
  • Wide range of secondary antibodies covering a broad spectrum of immunoglobulins from various species and cross absorbed to provide high specificity
  • Primary polyclonal antibodies to hormones, cancer markers, cardiac markers and serum proteins
  • Custom absorptions and purifications to meet specific requirements

Brad Heidinger

CEO – ImmunoReagents

geneva biotech logo

“We asked Pivotal Scientific to carry out market research in a narrow, highly technical area of the pharmaceutical industry. They delivered on very short notice an insightful, highly detailed report containing exactly the kind of information we were after. I am very much looking forward to working with Pivotal Scientific again in the future.”

Daniel Fitzgerald

Geneva Biotech

cusabio logo

CUSABIO established collaborations with Pivotal Scientific Limited in November, 2012. Tim and the PSL team have introduced many high quality distributors for CUSABIO around the world over the past months resulting in increased sales in these areas. In addition, we are impressed by their professional marketing expertise and distributor network resources.

We will continue to work with PSL in the future.

Cherry Ye


Genway logo

Pivotal Scientific has been a great resource for GenWay Biotech. The experience and insight of the staff has helped GenWay with website/SEO, market analysis, and marketing. It is great to have talent available on demand to augment internal resources.

Michael Dale

GenWay Biotech

immune-biosolutions logo

PSL provided great insights on our sales strategy, how to reach our goals and, ultimately to realize our primary mission: accelerate biomedical research by creating high quality antibodies, one egg at a time.

Frédéric Leduc

Immune Biosolutions

Agrisera Antibodies

Indeed participation in PSL Alliance is very good for Agrisera. There are a number of visits to our website coming from PSL and we have established various collaborations following the Pivotal Circle networking meeting in March.

Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund


I have been in the antibody industry for more than 20 years. I have founded and successfully sold a very reputable Antibody Company in USA (NeoMarkers, Inc. – founded in 1993 and sold in 2002 and today it is a part of Thermo-Fisher). I am very well connected to the Biotech Distributors, Antibody Manufacturers, Suppliers and Sellers throughout the world. When I received an email about PSL’s Databases, I thought that I have nothing to gain because I already have a pretty good knowledge of what is out there. In any case, I subscribed to two Databases from PSL (Distributor and Antibody Manufacturer / Supplier).

I spent several hours going thru all the listed companies. I am pleased to say that I learned a lot about a number of new companies which I did not know before. No doubt, PSL has done a fabulous job collecting all this information in one place. Anybody in the Antibody Industry will be highly benefited by going through them and taking action after learning about new companies all over the world.

My sincerest congratulations to PSL’s team for taking this initiative which help all of those who are in the antibody space. Good Luck and keep up the good work. Thanks.

Atul K. Tandon

President & CEO

Porvair Sciences Ltd

Porvair Sciences Ltd logo

Porvair Sciences joined the Pivotal Alliance during 2014 with the specific goal of identifying and recruiting Distributors across Europe for our revolutionary ChIP technology products marketed as Chromatrap. From an initial short-list of 12 companies, we successfully added six to the roster, with two more following later. At subsequent networking events we were introduced to more potential partners and are actively pursuing two more territories. The fit of Alliance partners to our Chromatrap molecular biology business is closely aligned and the support we have received through our contact with pivotal has been invaluable in streamlining the Distributor recruitment process. Initial orders have now been received from those Distributors where full training has been carried out and we expect to bring more of our new partners on steam by year end.

Steve Knight

Director of Sales & Marketing – Porvair Sciences Ltd

Thanks very much for another great meeting. You have the knack of putting together some interesting talks and excellent networking.

Geoff Hale

From Geoff Hale Development

We have purchased the recent antibody report. Our intention has been to get a feeling of actual trends in our industry. In addition we wanted to see how our existing suppliers are ranking and to get proposals for potential new suppliers. The report was easy to read with meaningful charts. To make a long story short: great tool to get a quick overview, we will definitive order it again.

Jonas Bäuerle

Business Development Manager