Richard Atkins – Pivotal Scientific Limited Marketing Manager 2016-07-21T12:54:52+00:00


Why do I stand at my desk, you may be asking?

So I am now 2 months into my new role as Marketing Manager for Pivotal Scientific Limited , a global Life Science Consultancy. My first challenge was to completely review the current Marketing set up and put together a strategic Marketing Plan.

Not coming from a scientific background enabled me to look at some of the key elements of our Services and Products from a different angle. It allowed me to share some alternative Marketing options with the Board and in some ways allowed me to ‘shake things up a bit!’

A full review of our PSL Alliance structure and member benefits , a full review of our network sponsorship programme , a full review of current documentation and a full review of the Pivotal Scientific Limited website enabled me to produce my strategic findings.

During this time I attended 3 training sessions in the Shard on Google Analytics, AdWords & SEO and has put us in a stronger position to understand the market. My love of social media has already grown our interaction with existing and new clients on Twitter @PivotalSci and LinkedIn and reminds me of something my previous CFO once said to me, “Social Media was a gimmick”. I would now reply “Not if used in the right way”

I have a long way to go to implement all of the proposed changes and hopefully you will notice these and feedback anything you like or see as we progress . But at the moment as I have so much to do this is why I am standing at my desk!

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