Biosynergy (Europe) Limited have been an integral part of Pivotal Scientific Limited since it’s concept in 2009. They are one of the first Pivotal Scientific Limited Alliance members. With over 30 years’ experience in the monoclonal antibody business, Biosynergy has a successful track record in custom antibody development.

Biosynergy is now one of the longest established biomanufacturing organisations (CMO) in the UK. They remain the primary outsourcing partner of choice for many of their customers to produce monoclonal antibodies and other biomolecules.

Director of Biosynergy, Dr Dinesh Jacob (Jake) has developed a strong working relationship with the team at Pivotal Scientific Limited, especially with Tim Bernard (CEO of Pivotal Scientific Limited). This has developed into some great B2B and networking opportunities for Biosynergy over the years.

Pivotal Scientific Networking Event 2017

Dr Dinesh Jacob (Jake) at the 2017 Pivotal Scientific networking event.

The PSL Alliance In Full Effect

Morevover, an example of this was that recently Jake was approached by a drug discovery company to develop Monoclonal Antibodies to a number of closely-related isoforms of a biomarker. Although this was an interesting project to undertake, Jake realised that given its unique challenges, and Biosynergy’s current workload, it was best approached using a different strategy. DB Biotech already had a proprietary platform so Jake decided he would pass this opportunity through to PSL Alliance member Peter Molnar (Sales Director for DB Biotech)

Furthermore, Jake met Peter at a Pivotal Scientific Limited networking event a few years back. This annual event is open to all within the industry and mainly focuses on the Research use only sector. Pivotal Scientific Limited has built up a huge amount of industry insight over the years. Their daily dealings within the industry gives them real-time insight into what is happening on a daily basis.

In the evening of the event, participants are encouraged to carry on networking with an organised evening meal. It was here when Jake and Peter realised that there was a lot of synergy between the 2 companies. They have since formed a very good friendship and worked on several projects together. Including an introduction of Peter to the Head Scientist at a major Antibody Catalogue Company.

Additionally, these secondary networks have been formed as both companies are members of the Pivotal Scientific Limited Alliance. Both are also regular attendees of the Pivotal Scientific Limited Global Networking event.

The Walking Who’s Who of the Reagents World

Jake often quotes Tim as being the ‘Walking Who’s Who of the Reagents World’. This is a true fact, not only with Tim’s knowledge but also that Tim shares this with his ever-growing team. Back in 2009, Pivotal Scientific Limited was Tim Bernard. In 2017, the team consists of 11 team members. There’s expertise in Sales Channel Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Outsourced Marketing, Recruitment & the Chinese Market.

All of this is underpinned by the fact that any company Pivotal Scientific Limited does’ business with, they automatically become a member of the Pivotal Scientific Limited Alliance. As members of the Alliance, this gains them free entry to the Pivotal Scientific Limited Networking Event.

So, let the networking commence!