An Introduction to Elabscience

Richard Atkins

Jul 24, 2018

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Author: Richard Atkins Richard, our COO, is commercially driven with significant strategic, communication and growth skills.

Richard Atkins

Elabscience was founded in 2011 and is a professional and fast developing hi-tech company engaging in providing one-stop service from the research and development, production to sales of scientific products as well as custom services. Our main products include Proteins, Antibodies, ELlSA Kits, CLIA Kits, Labeling Kits, Biochemical kits and related reagents.

Research Areas

Our ELISA Kits, Antibodies and Proteins cover a wide range of protein targets, which can be used in the following research areas:

Cell Biology Immunology Metabolism
Cancer Microbiology Epigenetics and Nuclear Signal
Cardiovascular Stem Cells Developmental Biology
Signal Transduction Neuroscience Tags and Cell Markers
Cytokines Cancer Signaling Pathways Organ Transplantation

Our Advantages:

  • Rich range of products with wide range of species reactivity
  • Competitive price: We are committed to providing the superior quality products with high stability at a competitive price.
  • Manufacture in house: Most materials are self-produced basing on our protein and antibody platform, which is more traceable for quality control.
  • Strict quality control standards: Standardized operation procedures and multiple detection methods to ensure product quality.
  • Detailed product information: All our product are provided with detailed information to give you comfortable experience of ordering and using.
  • Professional and efficient technical support: Our highly trained Technical Support team provides comprehensive and professional product support and are dedicated to resolving your questions quickly and efficiently.
  • Fast delivery and reliable supply chain: We have built a broad network of global distributors who are ready to deal with your research needs and ensure fast delivery.


Advantage of ELISA kits:

  1. Flexible choice on size: 24T,48T, 96T, Bulk order size (according to customer’s demand).
  2. Kits integrity: Contain all the reagents needed for the experiment and are easy to use.
  3. High precision: Both inter and intra CV are<10%.
  4. Good recovery ratio: The ratio is between 80%-120%.
  5. High sensitivity: pg level.
  6. Good specificity: Cross-reactivity<10%.


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