PSL and ESI BIO: New Alliance agreement

Kristina Whitfield

Jan 28, 2015

Sales Growth

Author: Kristina Whitfield Undertakes marketing activities for Pivotal Scientific and their clients.

Kristina Whitfield

We are delighted to announce a new PSL Alliance agreement with ESI BIO, and below is a press conference discussing this in detail:

Pivotal Scientific Ltd, a company specializing in developing the international growth of biotech small to medium enterprises, and ESI BIO, a key leader of innovative stem cell biology research reagents in the market place, announce an alliance agreement for Pivotal Scientific Ltd to develop business opportunities and manage ESI BIO’s growing network of new distributors.

ESI BIO’s research products are used by stem cell researchers around the world and include clinical and research grade human embryonic stem cells from ES Cell International (ESI) and HyStem® hyaluronan-based hydrogel extracellular matrices. ESI BIO also provides unique PureStem® Embryonic Progenitors, antibodies and small molecules for stem cell differentiation and reprogramming. Under the new agreement, Pivotal Scientific will use their experience and contacts in the biologic research field to develop opportunities for ESI BIO as well as handling a network of new distributors for their products. “ESI BIO has a lot to offer researchers,” said James Mosedale, Business Development Director, at Pivotal, “not just in terms of excellent products, but their focus on clinically-relevant products is a novel selling point, especially as researchers are looking to treat and cure disease. We’re really looking forward to doing our best to get these products into the hands of more researchers worldwide.”

“We’re very pleased to have signed this agreement to have Pivotal Scientific working on our behalf,” said Jeffrey Janus, CEO of ESI BIO, “Pivotal Scientific can help us develop our world-wide distribution network, and has the right combination of experience and contacts to make our distribution strategies succeed.”

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