From Cuddly Animals to Cuddly Aliens

Kristie Brown

Dec 4, 2012

From Cuddly Animals to Cuddly Aliens

As we suggested in our blog based on SEO, Google’s latest algorithms prioritise websites that keep their content fresh and those which show off their expertise on a subject. One of the best ways to do this is through videos or animations: but are they actually worth it? And how do you produce a video which is informative but will actually be watched – particularly when it is about a subject which can be (how do we put this in a nice way?) a little boring – even to scientists! As this animation shows: you can take a boring topic (be safe around trains) and turn it viral (30m views since 14th November!).

Is Animation Worth it?

On a normal day by 12pm we have on average been accosted by over 4,000 adverts through multiple mediums. The key to using a video or animation is that it is able to sell a complicated product or service in a short space of time with a low number of words.
Something else that is easy to forget is that once you create an animation or even a video you can then use it in all of your other marketing streams: through Social Media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter; in your company presentations when pitching for more business and of course on your website. When you look at a video or animation in this vein then suddenly it becomes much better value for money.

How do you get the Video / Animation you want?

It is really important to have a close dialogue with the company creating your animation. And always make sure that they do a story-board for you before you pay a penny; it’s the only way you can make sure they understand exactly what you want. The expensive part of an animation is the labour cost so if you have to keep asking your animation studio to change parts then your own costs will inevitably rise. An example storyboard from the PSL team is shown below:

How to make it Interesting?

Taking your video down the animation route will certainly make the video more visually appealing. From there you need to focus on the factors that make your brand or product better than the competition. Finally, try and tell a story that the customer will remember much like the cuddly aliens do in the video above.