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Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Dr Farjad Ahmed

Sep 4, 2014

Author: Dr Farjad Ahmed

Dr Farjad Ahmed

In the mid 90s, whilst struggling through my research, I attended a seminar by the late Johnnie Cochran a little time after the OJ trial. Beyond the rights and wrongs of that verdict, he was asked by a legal student what the secret of his success was? – without a moment’s pause and in a humble tone he immidiately replied, “Preparation, preparation, preparation!” He went on to explain that before and during the trial he prepared for every question and eventuality he could think of so whatever the outcome may be of an event, he was prepared to address it, answer it and progress.

That simple statement made an immense impact on an otherwise scrambled mind and this ethos has been the underlying principle in the successes 2BScientific has encountered in setting up our distribution business in the UK. Every aspect of every operation was analysed and broken into its constituent functions, in a rather F.W. Taylor-esque fashion, in order to evaluate its true empirical value. Only when the true cost of these ‘building blocks’ are known, that the foundations and infrastructure could be put in place and the whole set-up could be re-constituted for a sustainable model to take shape. [Not unlike the process by which many an orange juice finds its way to our fridges]. This is what I believe can allow an effective assessment to know exactly what is possible, and what simply is not. It allows a far better position to negotiate with other stakeholders and providers, as well as providing the guiding principles on how much flexibility and adaptability there is in any given situation.

Using this approach we were able to put in place the outward functions of a customer / end user orientated operation eg pricing, website functionality, product portfolio, marketing etc. I truly believe it has been the bed-rock upon which we have built continued substantive year-on-year growth right from the start of our incorporation.

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