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The Pivotal Scientific Limited Antibody Market Report

Sharon Craggs

Mar 26, 2020

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Insightful industry article on the thread of pandemic to antibody supply chain stability included in the Antibody Market Report 2020.

Author: Sharon Craggs An experienced researcher and technical advisor with laboratory experience in academic and small biotechnology laboratories.

Sharon Craggs

The Threat of Pandemic to Antibody Supply Chain Stability┬╣

By June this year, you will have access to purchase, or will have received, as a PSL Alliance member, the Pivotal Scientific Antibody Market Report. After releasing the 2020 report, we have decided to step back let the market develop before producing another insightful report.

The information in the report enables companies to adapt and change their business according to the current market situation. As a result, many companies use this report as a tool to plan their Sales and Marketing activity. As a bonus this year, included within the report is an insightful industry article called: ‘The Threat of Pandemic to Antibody Supply Chain Stability’ written by Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc.

This article is well worth a full read and is a great addition to the Antibody Market Report. It covers the following topics:

  • Epidemiology of 2019-nCoV and COVID-19
  • Supply Chain Disruptions
  • Risk Mitigation and Remediation of Shortages of Life Science Reagents

Not only is the report highlighting trends within our industry but is now looking at the bigger global picture and giving companies an insight into future contingency planning should we ever, god forbid, experience another pandemic such as this in the future. It also gives insight into how companies can reduce the risk should situations like this happen again.

Moreover, the article looks from a business perspective at supply chain stability within Life Science which may be in Jeopardy. The article advises on the strategies that can be put in place to remediate much of this risk. In addition, it looks at different supply chains and their stability depending on their reagent types (RUO, IVD, Pre-Clinical & Therapeutics).

As a scientific community, we must work together to resolve life-threatening diseases such as Covid-19. Pivotal Scientific collects insightful information from members of our PSL Alliance community to share updates and news in life sciences. By sharing this knowledge, it enables all of the members of our community to support each other in these unprecedented times.


Carl A. Ascoli1*  

1 Rockland Immunochemicals Inc., Limerick, PA, USA.   

*correspondence:  carl.ascoli@rockland-inc.com

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