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Strategic Business Plans for Start-Ups

Our consultants, with a wealth of experience in the life science industry, offer advice and bespoke plans to help your start-up take off.

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Business plans for life science start-ups

Initiating a life science start-up company is a long and complex endeavour and requires different skills from those learned working at a laboratory bench. Some of our clients are at the forefront of innovation and have a wealth of scientific knowledge, but require support to commercialise their product or service.

Our team of consultants have a hybrid of business and scientific backgrounds and are therefore highly qualified to write bespoke business plans tailored to your needs. Working within the life science industry we are aware of the market demands and can advise start-ups on the competitive landscape. Many clients see us as their business partner, working with them from the planning stage to the implementation phase. Our team can provide support with implementing our recommendations such as realignment of product portfolios, distribution networks or OEM partnerships.

Key Steps to Growing Your Startup

  1. Relevant low-cost marketing & advertising
  2. Keep your products and services relevant
  3. Excellent customer service
  4. Take calculated risks
  5. Don’t be frightened of failure
  6. Employ the right people
  7. Focus only on what is working

How we can help

We write your business plan following a meeting with key stakeholders from your business. During the meeting, specific questions and discuss your technology, value propositions, objective, customers, and available resources are addressed. After which we will then take 4-8 weeks to write a clear business plan which you can utilise to achieve your company goals. A follow-up meeting is then arranged to discuss the plan in detail.