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About Elabscience

Elabscience specializes in immunodiagnostic technology for life science community. They have a complete platform for R&D and manufacture. Elabscience carry out QC for every product, endeavouring to keep experimental results more consistent and precise. Elabscience major products cover Proteins, Antibodies, ELlSA Kits, CLIA Kits, Labeling Kits, Biochemical Kits and other reagents. Elabscience also offers custom services for their customers including Protein Expression and Purification Service, Custom Antibody Service, Custom ELISA Service, Cell Biology Service, Molecular Biology Service and Whole Research Project Solutions.


  • antibodies
  • kits
  • proteins
  • molecular
  • custom services
  • cells tissues

Custom Services

Gene Synthesis

Bacterial Expression

Yeast Expression

PAb Services