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Life Science Marketing

Marketing consultancy services

Our team of marketing consultants are here to ensure your products and services stand out against the Abcams, Thermo Fishers and Bio-Technes of the biotech industry. We appreciate that each life science company may present a portfolio of unique products manufactured with their cutting-edge technology, but the days of merely having a product advantage have gone.

In order to reach the decision makers within the life science industry, companies must ensure they listen to and engage with their prospects and customers at all the relevant touchpoints. We will work with you to determine the correct messaging required to connect with your target audiences, who may range from the individual researcher to your partner companies.

  • Brand Design

  • Social Media

  • Web Development

  • Content Writing & SEO

  • PPC

Our team has experience in a wide variety of marketing activities, which can range from helping a client promote their new rabbit clonal antibody, or writing and implementing a full marketing strategy, to presenting a client’s newly developed range of anti-glycan antibodies to the life science industry.

Whilst a company may have an excellent marketing strategy that is aligned to its specific business goals, the implementation, measurement, analysis, and adaptation of marketing tactics can cause a huge drain on resources.

Life science companies, with good reason, invest significantly into the development and validation of their products to guarantee they perform as described. The SMEs we work with do not always have the same resources available to address the marketing efforts required to successfully promote their product. Outsourcing your marketing efforts to us grants you access to scientific writers, designers, and SEO experts at half the cost of employing a marketing department.