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Commercial Due Diligence

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Specialist Commercial Due Diligence (CDD)

Our M&A and strategy team offers Commercial Due Diligence support to private equity, banks, corporates and to support larger consultants on both acquisitions, disposals and integrations.

Every member of our M&A team has experience as an operator within the biotech industry and collectively we offer over 60 years’ experience.  This uniquely places us to offer expert advisory support to the CDD process, deep diving into technologies with our specialist scientific and commercial knowledge, both through our in-house scientific team and our network of industry experts.

We offer a complementary view to larger consultancies from a perspective of technical and operational knowledge to enhance your decision-making process.

Our scientific knowledge is combined with operational industry knowledge, allowing us to advise on specialist aspects of your acquisition:

  • Potential integration
  • Synergies
  • Technical expansion
  • Buy, build and grow strategies
  • Go to Market
Pivotal Links 2019

Industry Experience

PSL collectively offers over 60 years’ owner operator and commercial experience in the Life Science reagents sector. 

This allows us to provide you with deep insight into your target including key personnel, risks, strengths and opportunities.

Scientific Knowledge

In depth knowledge in the production and utilisation of antibodies, antigens, proteins, assays, supporting reagents, genetics, molecular biology and IVD from post graduate qualified scientists.

We understand and assess the science, IP and processes employed by your target, identifying risks, strengths, opportunities and synergies.

Strategy Development

PSL collectively holds over 40 years’ experience in commercial strategy development, corporate integrations and synergy development.  Before you purchase your target, we can advise on how to integrate them into your current organisation, along with future organic and inorganic development.

Expert Guidance

Combined strength in commercial experience, strategy and scientific understanding allows us to generate concise conclusions, recommendations and routes forward.  With knowledge on the risks raised our clients can move forward with a clear strategy.

Personal Approach

We meet at least weekly with our clients, providing written or deck formatted reports for discussion.

You direct the work, we provide the data and insight.

Our service is personal to each client.

Your CDD Journey with PSL

We consult on a personal basis generating deep relationships with our clients to really understand your requirements:

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Recent Transactions on which PSL has assisted with CDD


Specialist CDD support for Atlas Antibodies’ acquisition of evitria, a market leading CDMO in CHO based expression of recombinant proteins and recombinant antibodies into the therapeutic sector.


Specialist CDD and advisory to a bidder on BBI solutions sale.  BBI is the largest independent producer of immune-diagnostics reagents.


Specialist CDD and advisory to a bidder on HyTest sales.  HyTest is a global supplier of immunological reagents to the IVD industry and research community.  They are a leading supplier of reagents for troponin I immunoassays as well as infectious diseases.

Vector Laboratories Logo Cmyk

Specialist CDD and advisory for the purchase of Vector Laboratories by Thompson Street Capital.  Vector Laboratories is a market leader in labelling and detection reagents for immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, glycobiology and bioconjugation.