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Buy Side

Our specialist M&A team brings collective skills & experience of over 80 years within the biotech sector

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Buying a biotech company

Once you have decided to expand via acquisition, we will engage in discussions to determine the direction in which your company wishes to grow. Having ascertained your focus, we will levy our proprietary database of sellers globally, covering manufacturers, distributors and hybrid resellers to provide you with a bespoke long list of acquisition targets. Further discussion allows you to generate a short list of companies with synergies with your growth priorities. We can then approach companies on your short list, preserving your anonymity if requested, to establish interest from the potential seller. We are here to guide you through the entire acquisition process or can also hand over to your team and merely support as requested.

  • Strategic direction determination
  • Long list generation
  • Short list generation
  • Approach to potential vendors
  • Support (Commercial Due Diligence, Expert advisory, strategic plans)
Buy Side Infographic April 2023