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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Our PPC services ensure our clients' products and services reach target audiences to maximise sales and brand awareness.

Brand Awareness
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Introduction to PPC

Paid online advertising has become a popular way for businesses to appear in front of their target audience. Marketers pay via a bidding system for their ad to appear in front of their customer on services such as Google, LinkedIn, Bing, and Facebook.

Unlike the organic clicks generated from SEO, there is a cost associated every time your ad is clicked, known as PPC.

Google Ads Managment

Our Google Ads management service ensures that your account is being managed in compliance with the most up-to-date practices and strategies in our industry. Our consultants can help by setting up a new account from scratch or managing an already operational account.

We successfully turn our clients’ Ads budgets into increased sales and brand awareness by identifying the key areas of the business to promote and designing  campaigns around these. Our service includes:

  1. Setting up your account: Selecting information about the domain you want to advertise, your monthly budget, and advertising region.
  2. Campaign setup: Our team of marketing and scientific advisers sets up your campaigns.
  3. Relevant display network adverts: Setting up adverts to be displayed on affiliate marketing sites through Google's AdSense program on YouTube and Gmail.
  4. Ongoing management and reporting: We provide monthly reports detailing the account's progress and how we have continuously updated and optimised your ad campaigns.
Google Ads Partner Benefits
Linked In Home

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform with over 750m active members. Within the life science industry, it presents an excellent platform to market to your B2B customers as well as end-users, such as researchers. LinkedIn Ads enable your brand to reach a community of professionals specific to you by using their powerful targeting filters such as seniority, job title, location or professional interests.

In addition to the management of a company’s LinkedIn page, our consultants can set up and manage your LinkedIn advertising campaigns. With our well-designed ads, we generate new leads by targeting your audience and enabling them to see how your products or services can solve their problems. Our team closely monitors the ad campaign performance and makes regular adjustments throughout its run to achieve the results that support your overall goals while staying within budget.