Web Design Overview

Why is website design so important?

While working within the biotech sector we have noticed SME’s focus on R&D and product production. Granted, these are key aspects of a company selling research reagents but to become a viable business investment into the commercial side of the business is equally important.

The first commercial area of a business to take a hit is marketing and within that the hosting and designing of a website. There are large financial costs associated to these two aspects which SME’s can not always justify. That’s where Pivotal Scientific come in as we can offer website design and hosting services at affordable prices as well as providing insight into how websites within this sector need to operate.

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Website Design

Website design is an art as much as it is a science. We work with IT technical experts in synergy with designers who can design new pages for your current website or design an entirely new website. To start with we will arrange a call to discuss branding, tone and imagery you would like your website to portray. Once we have discussed the style and a wireframe for your new website, we will then design a few options for you to choose from. Once a website theme has been picked, we will replicate the design across all pages keeping you up to date on our progress.

Our designs are not only there to look good but will be implemented with our IT technical experts to ensure the web designs are user friendly and follow all SEO principles.

Website Development

We specialise in WordPress websites with an ecommerce product catalogue of up to 10,000 products. When deciding to develop a new website a developer site will be set up on our servers where all the design work will take place ensuring your current website is not affected.

Once your new website is complete you will gain access to review the website for a final sign off and with your authorisation your old website will be replaced with your newly designed website. All technical aspects such as URL redirects will be managed by us.

Website Hosting & Maintainance

Your website will be hosted on UK servers with the following maintenance package included as standard: daily backups, updated firewalls, plugins automatically updated and general website maintenance e.g. implementing any changes to ensure the website runs as efficiently as possible.

We offer a 1-year hosting package for a website which we have developed, or we can take over the hosting of your current website. When transferring the hosting of a website over to us we will require certain credentials, like FTP details, but other than that we will manage the process of transferring your current website over to our servers.