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Scientific Content Writing & SEO

Our technical content writers and marketeers work in tandem to produce high-quality communications that showcase your expertise and serve your target webpage audience.

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Life Science content creation

Scientific content is a balance between a technical piece of writing used to convey scientific information to other scientists and presenting it in a way to advertise your product or service. We combine our PhD-level writers and marketeers to ensure your content communicates your expertise to your target audience.  Scientific writing is an art form, demanding extensive experience, accuracy, and creative flair to craft well-written content.

Whether you are a small or large biotech we understand that your subject matter experts are busy, often inhibiting regular content development. By using our professional scientific writers, we can turn half-written, out-of-date, or even content spread across different formats into a well-written and research document. We are here to advise and guide you on how to present the content on your website along with tips to repurpose your content, therefore further increasing its engagement.

Our Five Step Process

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Discussion to learn about the topic. 

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Agree on the objective of the piece, deadline and tone

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The client provides resource material 

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Technical writer to put together the piece and share with marketing team for SEO work 

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Finally, content sent for you to review and feedback 

Our content writing service

By working with our team, biotech companies can release informative and engaging content via their marketing channels. We will work with you to organise the pieces of content within a content marketing plan as well as ensure your company story is reflected in the pieces.  We offer the following content writing services:

  • Landing pages
  • Product pages
  • Blogs
  • Whitepapers
  • Content for brochures/flyers
  • Newsletters
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Content writing & SEO

Content writing is about writing tightly focused text that includes a set of keywords or phrases but will also serve your target web page audience. Brilliantly written content must be valued by your web page audience or your page will have a high bounce rate and will be ranked low within the SERPs.  Our content writers can produce high-quality content, written fluently and persuasively on a range of industry-related topics whilst integrating keywords without losing readability.

After the content has been written it is passed to a member of the marketing team to review the content ensuring the above-mentioned SEO principles have been followed. Subsequently, the content is then shared with you including suggested keywords, meta-descriptions and alt tags.