Content Writing by Pivotal Scientific

Pivotal Scientific’s job is to turn your brief into a finished product that will become part of a targeted webpage or blog entry. Because we are a consultancy focused within the research reagent sector we can advise and guide on what content should be featured on your website along with how to fully utilise your content; such as sharing content with distributors or via social media platforms. After discussing your aims and any concerns we can work with you and suggest the best course of action for your content and how to distribute it, also how it fits in with your overall digital marketing plan.

Content writing is about writing tightly focused text that includes a set of keywords or phrases but will also serve your target web page audience. You can have brilliantly written content but if it is not valued by your web page audience your page will have a high bounce rate and will be ranked low within the SERPs.  Our content writers can produce high quality content, written fluently and persuasively on a range of industry related topics whilst integrating keywords without losing readability.


Content Writing

After the content has been written it is passed to a member of the marketing team to review the content ensuring the above-mentioned SEO principles have been followed. The content will then be shared with you including suggested keywords, meta-descriptions and alt tags.

Showcased Content Writing