Strategic Business Plans

Our consultants, with extensive industry and practical experience, devise bespoke strategic plans to direct your business towards areas of growth.

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Strategic business plans for life science companies

Strategic business plans are comprised of three key elements: Vision, Goals & Initiatives. Your vision describes who your customers are and how you will deliver. Your goals should be quantifiable and define what you want to achieve and by when. The initiatives are how you are going to get there. A strategic plan consists of high-level thinking and looks forward 3-5 years. By assessing where you are now, where you want to be and then detailing out how to get there the strategic plan provides a roadmap defining the direction a company must travel whilst measuring success and keeping key stakeholders up to date.

Writing a strategic business plan internally can be a ‘blinkered’ process and therefore an externally written plan can provide an unbiased view as well as suggesting previously unconsidered areas of growth. As a life science company, you may be looking to expand into new territories, preparing for sale, or wishing to enter a new area such as IVD reagents and diagnostics.


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How we can help

Our consultants write strategic business plans based upon industry and practical experience along with scientific know-how. We start by assessing areas such as budget, personnel expertise, resource, etc which are already in place. By doing so we can tailor your plan to reflect the goals of your business and match it to your resourcing thresholds. We provide the following plans:

  • Sales Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Growth Plans
  • Bespoke Plans
  • Exit Plans