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Our Transactions

We combine deep, personal industry knowledge and M&A experience in biotechnology to support our clients in developing and executing their M&A strategy.

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Our track record

Since 2019, we have completed 70+ biotechnology strategy reviews, undertaken 20+ sell-side transactions & 40+ buy-side projects.

Whilst much of our work in the M&A space is confidential, a selection of our completed projects are listed below.

We support a broad set of transactions, including:

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Management-led buyouts
  • Disposals (assets and stock)
  • Specialist Commercial Due Diligence (CDD)

We have a proprietary database of sellers globally, covering manufacturers, distributors and hybrid resellers.

European life science distribution companies Veterinary diagnostics distributors
IVD Reagents and raw materials Life science reagent distributors
Manufactures of antibodies, kits and proteins IVD reagent and raw materials

Recent Transactions

Fortis Abcore


Pivotal Scientific represented Abcore in their acquisition by Fortis Life Sciences 

Chromocyte acquired by Biocompare


Pivotal Scientific represented Chromocyte in their acquisition by Biocompare 

Arlington Scientific


Pivotal Scientific represented Clark McDermith as Arlington Scientific acquired non-mammalian blocking buffer product line

19/02/2022 Fortis Life Sciences acquires Abcore Inc Abcore
06/11/2021 Biocompare acquires Chromocyte Chromocyte
25/10/2021 Arlington Scientific acquires non-mammalian buffers from Clark McDermith Clark McDermith
10/08/2021 Thompson Street Capital acquires Vector Labs TSCP
28/07/2021 Atlas Antibodies acquires Evitria Atlas Antibodies
05/04/2021 Scicons acquired by Nordic-MUbio Nordic-MUbio
31/12/2020 Absolute Antibody acquired by TSCP Absolute Antibody
20/10/2020 Dianova acquired by Calibre Scientific Dianova
04/06/2020 AntibodyBCN acquired bu Clinisciences AntibodyBCN
03/06/2020 EastCoastBio acquired by Medix Biochemica EastCoastBio
08/06/2019 LSBio acquires Everest Biotech Everest Biotech
12/02/2019 LSBio acquires Nordic-MUbio and Exalpha Biologicals Nordic-MUbio
01/06/2018 Exalpha Biologicals acquires Gallus Immunetech Exalpha Biologicals
30/04/2018 CalibreScientific acquire Biozol GmbH Biozol
01/03/2018 Biologo acquired by Nordic-MUbio Nordic-MUbio
04/02/2018 Absolute Antibody Merge with Kerafast Absolute Antibody
2017 Exalpha Biologicals acquired by LSM Holdings Exalpha Biologicals
2017 Innova Biosciences acquired by SYNGIS AG Innova Biosciences
2015 Nordic-MUbio acquires Brighter Ideas Inc Nordic-MUbio
2015 Origene Inc acquires Acris Antibodies GmbH Acris Antibodies
2014 Clinisciences acquires Generon Clinisciences
2013 Nordic Immunological Labs acquires MUbio Nordic Immunological Labs
2013 Nordic-MUbio acquires An Der Grub Bio Research GmbH (ADG) Nordic-MUbio