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PSL Alliance Custom Services

The PSL Alliance includes many members who can offer custom services in addition to their product catalogue. We have put together the below database which allows you to filter out the PSL Alliance members based on the custom service they offer and their location.



  • 2BScientific


    With its headquarters in Oxfordshire, UK, 2BScientific is reinventing the supply of immunological reagents and kits to the European research market. At the heart of everything they do lies their mission statement: to become the leading supplier of innovative life science reagents and services to the European research market in a way that supports life science through a number of corporate sustainability initiatives for a better world.


    Location: upper heyford, uk
  • Ab Biotechnology


    Ab Biotechnology Ltd is a well-established company with 10 years’ experience working in the biotechnology industry. Whatever your needs, we offer a one stop shop for the development and manufacture of high purity biopharmaceutical products to GMP grade. The company has well equipped laboratories and a MHRA licensed GMP manufacturing facility used for the production of biological medicinal products and investigational medicinal products in accordance with our MIA and MIA (IMP) licenses respectively.

    Peptide Synthesis

    Working to the principles of GMP we can produce custom peptide up to gram scale and with quality of the highest purity. This is achieved using our state of the art PurePep® Chorus Synthesiser.

    Quality Control Testing

    The Quality Control department offers expertise in testing medicinal substances and products at various lifecycle stages including early product development, in-process, release and ongoing stability indicating analysis.

    Protein Purification

    We can work with you to establish strategies using our extensive experience in purification of protein from native source, recombinant proteins or monoclonal antibodies.

    Assay Development

    Ab Biotechnology’s assay development group has extensive experience in development and validation (ICH Q2(R2)) of methods to be used in qualitative and quantitative assays to support your in-process, release and stability testing requirements. This includes a wide variety of test methods such as HPLC techniques, Western Blots, gel electrophoresis methods and we also offer a standalone ELISA team.

    Polyclonal Antibody

    Ab Biotechnology offers a one stop shop for production and purification of polyclonal antibodies. We are happy to offer advice on immunogen choice, and depending on your requirements can manufacture peptides, perform purification of proteins or work with our extensive network of proven suppliers to meet your bespoke manufacturing needs. Once a strategy is agreed we can coordinate immunisation programs of work, perform downstream purification and manage QC testing of final product. We can also help to establish stability of your products utilising our in-house stability capabilities.

    Stability Testing

    Ab Biotechnology has extensive experience of managing GMP stability packages of work. We can manage all of your stability programme needs from initial study inception, to QC testing and issuing of QA reviewed stability reports. If early phase support is required in relation to the establishment of stability indicating methods, our assay development team are on hand to help.

    GMP Manufacture

    The Ab Bio production facility specialises in the cGMP commercial manufacture of biological actives. Ab Bio has been fully licenced for over ten years and has been subject to routine inspection by the MHRA. The facility consists of environmentally classified cleanroom suites for purification, viral inactivation, viral reduction and concentration. Product fill / finish can be carried out to achieve necessary microbial limits.

    Location: , uk
  • Absea Biotechnology


    Absea is a transformative force in the protein engineering industry. Established in 2020, they are one of the fastest-growing biotech companies with over 250 employees across the globe.

    Our cutting-edge platform for developing soluble proteins and monoclonal antibodies offers unparalleled throughput, enabling up to 1000 new development projects per month. Through dynamic collaborations with leaders in the life sciences, especially in proteomics, we have built a library of 12,000 soluble proteins covering 60% of the human proteome and we continue to broaden our synthetic proteome portfolio. Our monoclonal antibodies, validated for diverse applications, stand ready for widespread supply to the general market. Beyond this, we offer cutting-edge technological solution for proteomics and interactomics.

    From our Innovation Center in Berlin, Manufacturing Centers in China, and Commercialization Center in the Bay Area, we cater to the needs of protein scientists as well as industry partners active in AI-driven protein design, diagnostics, and drug development. We strive to become a long-term partner for the world’s leading labs, companies and service providers.

    Location: beijing, china
  • Absolute Biotech


    Absolute Biotech specializes in antibody reagents, kits and services, adding value to existing antibodies through annotation, validation, sequencing, engineering and recombinant manufacturing.

    Location: , uk
  • Abyntek


    Abyntek is a leading Spanish company for bioreagents supply, particularly specialising in the production of antibodies and recombinant proteins.

    Their multidisciplinary technical team searches and imports the reagents that better fulfil your needs, so you can be thoroughly dedicated to your research project.

    Location: , spain
  • AffinityImmuno


    AffinityImmuno Inc. is a Canadian biotechnology company providing high quality R&D products and services to for the global community with emphasis on biological drugs and biosimilars. We specialize in antibodies and bioanalytical methodologies for cancer, autoimmune disorders, and COVID-19. We offer several off-the-shelf ELISA kits and legacy monoclonal antibodies. We leverage our combined experience of over 30 years working in immunology and analytical chemistry to offer high quality products and service to quickly meet new challenges.

    Location: ,
  • Agrisera Antibodies


    Agrisera is a Swedish company, established in 1985, specializing in antibody production, purification and labeling. As of 2020, Agrisera is a part of Olink® Group. Agrisera’s product catalog contains thousands of high-grade diagnostic secondary antibodies, as well as blocking and control serums, which can also be purchased in bulk quantities.

    Agrisera’s unique product line also includes the most comprehensive antibody collection for research on plant and algal cell biology. In 2019, Agrisera was awarded as The Best Plant Antibody Supplier of the year by CiteAb. Agrisera is ISO 9001 certified.

    Agrisera is looking to expand its distribution network, and specific products are also offered on OEM. Please inquire!

    Location: 5405 PB Uden, sweden
  • AlphaThera


    AlphaThera’s mission is to make antibody labeling as simple and consistent as possible, giving scientists confidence in their bioconjugation reactions.

    Their oYo-Link® Conjugation Technology can be used to site-specifically and covalently label the Fc region of almost any “off-the-shelf” antibody with biotin, click chemistry tags (e.g. azide, DBCO), enzymes (e.g. MNase), HyperBright™ fluorescent labels, oligonucleotides, and more.

    Location: , usa
  • Ampersand Biosciences


    The team at Ampersand Biosciences each has over 15 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of immunoassay kits. All of our antibodies, proteins and kits are developed in our lab and are highly validated prior to release.

    Location: new york, usa
  • Animal Free Research UK


    Animal Free Research UK aims for all research into treating human diseases to be entirely animal-free.

    Animal Free Research UK works for a world where human diseases are cured faster with animal-free human-specific technologies. Their mission is to champion better medical research for the good of animals, patients and science.

    They also work with policymakers and the public to drive forward change that will benefit patients and boost economic growth, while improving animal protection.

    Location: , uk
  • GmbH


    antibodies-online is the leading vendor-independent marketplace for research reagents, especially antibodies, proteins and ELISA kits. We currently list products for 90 000+ targets, 2 000+ species and more than 300+ applications. We deliver to universities, biotech and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

    The company was founded in 2006 as a spin-off from RWTH Aachen University (Germany). In 2016, ABO has launched, featuring products from the fields of genomics and transcriptomic research. Today we operate from Aachen (Germany) and Philadelphia (USA) and serve the research community in over 65 different countries all around the globe. Our diverse team consists of highly motivated biologists, IT- and business specialists. Together we strive to further expand our business and become the leading global supplier for the life science industries.

    Location: cambridge, uk
  • AntibodySystem


    Aiming to develop the most reliable bioreagents, AntibodySystem Laboratories SAS was founded in 2019 in France by a team of professionals from top industrial companies and research institutes.

    The collective scientific and technical experiences in their team has brought breakthroughs in multiple product developments, including recombinant antibodies, recombinant proteins, biosimilar, RUO ELISA kits and other related products. By working with talented researchers and technicians, AntibodySystem continues to upgrade product qualities and lower the overall cost, offering accountable and affordable solutions for biolabs all over the world.

    Since its establishment, AntibodySystem has built long term and stable collaborations with academia, pharmaceutical industry, biotech companies and research hospitals, supporting their R&D by AntibodySystem’s bioreagents with excellent data accuracy and reproducibility.

    Location: , france


    ARCHIMED is a global investment firm focused on the healthcare industries. They are joining forces with scientists, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors to positively impact companies operating in those fields. ARCHIMED are particularly focused on supporting them in their efforts in internationalization, capacity increase, product range expansion and acquisitions.

    Location: , france
  • Ark Talent Group

    service provider

    Discovering the best scientists will positively impact your business. However, this can be a pressing challenge in a world that is ever-changing with today’s emerging technologies.

    Ark Talent Group is an innovative and bespoke solution-based company. Uniquely positioned and equipped to help meet this challenge more effectively, all their managers and principle consultants are qualified scientists. With industry experience and an in-depth knowledge about the industry – They Talk Your Language.

    Ark Talent Group recruits for specialist roles, many of which are experiencing a skills shortage. Their methodologies combine contingency and search techniques to allow them to identify the best candidates in the market. No matter how niche the skill sets are.

    Their teams work with an elite base ranging from start up’s and SME’s through to international blue chips.  Ark Talent offer a tailored recruitment solution to provide the best talent for your organisation.

    Finally, their experienced team have such in-depth knowledge, making them experts at placing individuals in their chosen disciplines. They are renown experts in sourcing passionate professionals from graduate to senior management level professionals.

    Location: , uk
  • ARP


    ARP has been providing high quality products to research laboratories in hospitals, universities and biotech firms worldwide since 1994. They offer Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies as well as purified and recombinant Antigens for research. Their catalog of diagnostic tools are comprised of products for the detection of Cytokines and Growth Factors, Infectious/TORCH and Autoimmune diseases, Bone and Mineral Metabolism, Cardiac Markers, Catecholamines and Bioamines, Reproductive and Fertility Assays, Tumor Markers, Steroids, as well as Endocrinology, Neurology and Salivary Assays.

    Location: waltham,ma, usa
  • AtaGenix Laboratories


    AtaGenix Laboratories was established in Biolake Wuhan, the National BioIndustrial Park in 2012. By working closely with its sister company (ProteoGenix Laboratories) in Strasbourg France, AtaGenix has been pushing forward technologies which are involved in recombinant protein expression and purification, antibody discoveries, antibody engineering and cell line development. With the current available technologies, their clients, including top pharmas, universities and government bodies across the world, are able to start from an idea to significant industrialization stages, such as immunodiagnostic antibodies for IVD, humanized therapeutic antibodies, industrial enzymes and process development.

    Location: wuhan, china
  • Atlas Antibodies


    Founded by researchers from the prestigious Human Protein Atlas project, Atlas Antibodies provide highly validated reagents that enable leading research in biology, pathology and medicine for the purpose of understanding and improving human health.

    Location: , sweden
  • Axol Bioscience


    Axol are world leaders in iPSC technology supporting the next generation of advanced models for drug discovery.

    They provide biopharma and virtual organizations with human iPSC-derived cells and outsourced laboratory services to support drug discovery in the neurodegenerative, neuroinflammatory, and cardiotoxicity areas. As leaders in human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) products and services, Axol support the pursuit of more human-relevant in vitro models to develop better, safer therapies.

    They have over a decade of experience supplying top ten Biopharma institutions and drug discovery companies with robust, high-quality in vitro models and custom lab services. Their industry-leading iPSC capabilities support the pursuit of advanced in vitro disease models and supply volume for organ-on-a-chip devices and microfluidics platforms. From simple monoculture models to complex co- and tri-culture and 3D models, Axol continue to pioneer the advanced utility of iPSCs for research and drug discovery.

    Location: , uk
  • Benten Biotech


    Benten Biotech advance in several treatment and diagnostic projects based on recombinant single-domain antibodies and develop a new generation of in vitro assays for the quantification of antigens based on single-domain antibodies. Benten Biotech grows stronger in the quality control of veterinary biological products: we provide standardized reagents to various countries and carry out outsourced potency tests of vaccines, and also transfer turnkey production technologies and train the quality control teams of other companies.

    Location: , brazil
  • Bio X Cell


    Bio X Cell is a United States based biotechnology company that has been in operation since 1997 supplying the global research community with monoclonal antibodies. Bio X Cell‘s main focus is to offer researchers bulk size antibodies for in-vivo studies and functional assays of the highest quality but at an affordable cost. Bio X Cell’s two main product lines InVivoMab and InVivoPlus are extremely low in endotoxins and of the highest purity, free of murine pathogens, azide or other compounds that would interfere with in-vivo experiments.

    Location: new hampshire, usa
  • Bio-Helix


    Bio-Helix, an original manufacturer, has been developing and supplying the best bio-reagents and benchtop instruments for life science researchers all over the world since 2007. Our products include but are not limited to Molecular Biology and Protein research tools.

    Location: , taiwan
  • Bio-Kasztel Ltd


    Bio-Kasztel Ltd. is a main distributor of antibodies manufactured by leading companies of the biotechnology industry world-wide. Besides supplying most of the scientific workshops in Hungary with antibodies of excellent quality and wide range Bio-Kasztel Ltd has extended its activity to other Central- and East-European countries too.

    Location: budapest, hungary
  • BioAuxilium Research Inc


    Founded in 2013 by seasoned scientists from PerkinElmer, BioAuxilium Research Inc. is a Canadian biotechnology company specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of custom ready-to-use assay kits based on the homogeneous TR-FRET technology. Their mission is to provide new, rapid, easy-to-use validated products that simplify assay workflow and accelerate drug discovery and life science research.

    Location: montreal, canada
  • Biocompare


    Biocompare is the leading resource for 1.9 million life scientists around the world. They come to learn, locate and source products, services and solutions that fuel research and discovery.

    First and foremost, Biocompare’s mission is to support life science professionals. They do this by providing access to content, data and information that enable their research projects and purchasing decisions.

    Location: , usa
  • Biocult


    Biocult provides solutions for companies with a shortage in manufacturing capacity to meet their needs for pilot production, establishing of cell banks and the manufacture of products for diagnostics as well as pre-clinical studies (using GMP guidelines). Not only for contract manufacturing, but also contract research Biocult can assist you: use their knowledge to develop your next product.

    Location: 5405 PB Uden, holland
  • Biorbyt


    Based in Cambridge, one of Europe’s largest bioscience hubs, Biorbyt has a simple yet challenging mission: to provide the best service to the global scientific community.

    They achieve this by collaborating with the world’s finest researchers and academics to develop products of the highest quality. They carefully manufacture and meticulously test a wide range of reagents to meet your needs. They offer reagents that have been extensively tested in areas some of their competitors can’t offer. Whether you need antibodies or Elisa kits, biochemicals or a custom request, you can depend on Biorbyt to do things differently.

    Location: cambridge, uk
  • Bioss Antibodies


    Bioss Antibodies manufacture top-quality antibodies that accelerate biological research and discovery. Bioss are a leading antibody developer and manufacturer with over 12,000 primary antibodies and more than 300,000 derived products including reliable loading control, tag, and fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies. In addition to their antibodies, they offer top-quality recombinant proteins, ready-to-use IHC kits, ELISA kits, materials for IVD kits, and more.

    Location: ,
  • Biozol


    BIOZOL – Distribution Service – BIOZOL offers more than 25 million products from more than 260 partner companies all over the world. Including life science & diagnostic reagents and chromatography supplies. Their customers are all relevant universities, research institutes, pharma and biotech companies, university hospitals, laboratory diagnostic service providers and governmental institutions (i.e. German armed forces). Furthermore, BIOZOL has access to all relevant procurement and catalog systems in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    dianova – high-quality antibodies for human pathology and your portal for secondary antibodies – Under the brand dianova, BIOZOL presents a growing selection of outstanding antibodies for human pathology. In addition, dianova is your portal for secondary antibodies with the largest selection of secondary antibodies in Europe.

    HISTOPRIME – The Best for your Immunohistochemical Staining – The BIOZOL brand HISTOPRIME includes high-quality antibodies and reagents for immunohistochemical staining.



    Location: eching, germany
  • Boca


    Boca Scientific Incorporated was established in Boca Raton, Florida in 2002 and is now based in Massachusetts. They bring innovative Biotechnology products from around the world to research labs in the United States and Canada. They are proud to offer a carefully curated selection of leading-edge Molecular Biology, Immunology, Cell Biology, and Diagnostics products as well as their freezer storage systems. Their product offering includes a unique selection of research and diagnostic reagents, kits, and supplies both from their own-line, and from manufacturers in Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia.

    Location: , usa
  • Cayman Chemical


    For more than 40 years, Cayman Chemical has supplied scientists worldwide with the resources necessary to advance human and animal health. Cayman specialises in the manufacturing of thousands of high quality biochemicals, assay kits, antibodies, and proteins for a wide range of research areas including lipid biochemistry, cancer, oxidative stress, cell biology, neuroscience, metabolism, cardiovascular health, immunology, and inflammation.

    Cayman also offers a full suite of contract services for preclinical drug discovery and development to the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic research markets.

    Location: , usa
  • Cellexus


    From Dundee, Scotland, Cellexus International Ltd develops and manufactures the CellMaker range of patented, disposable, single use bioreactors (SUB) and associated hardware. These bioreactors offer a reduced investment alternative to existing technologies combining with a low footprint and excellent performance.

    Additionally, The CellMaker range of bioreactors uses a unique airlift system enabling excellent mixing and aeration. Therefore, they can be fit with sensors for pH and dissolved oxygen to enhance process control, maximising yields and reducing time to market.

    Location: , uk
  • CliniSciences


    CliniSciences Group is a European distributor of reagents and equipment for scientific research and medical diagnosis. They support more than 350,000 customers on a daily basis through their 100 employees in 15 countries, the majority are scientists, most of whom hold doctorates in science.

    As a very dynamic company, they do their best to be close to their customers’ needs in terms of high quality reagents that they propose and in terms of service that they provide (search for a particular antibody, technical support, delivery time, etc.)

    Their principal assets for better serving you : adaptability, flexibility, reactivity and naturally the competence of the technical specialists at your service.

    Location: montrouge, france
  • Cloud-Clone Corp


    CLOUD-CLONE CORP. (CCC, USA), certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, focuses on the development of own-manufactured immune-related products. CCC can provide over 11,000 proteins, 20,000 antibodies, 7,000 ELISA/CLIA kits, analysis equipment and service for animal experiments.

    Location: wuhan, china
  • Columbia Biosciences


    Columbia Biosciences Corporation, founded in 2007, develops and manufactures fluorescent proteins, antibody conjugates and novel protein purification ligands. Our expertise lies in growing the algae, extracting and purifying the dyes and conjugating these and other fluorophores to antibodies.

    The company consists of an experienced and diversified team of immunologists, biologists and chemists with over 30 years of industry experience. We take pride in being given challenging projects and finding unique solutions.

    Learn more:

    Custom Antibody Conjugation Services

    SureLight® Brand of Fluorescent Dyes

    SureLight® SAPE – Superior Performance and Stability



    Location: frederick, md, usa
  • Cosmo Bio


    Cosmo Bio provides the most up-to-date products and technical information available from world-class manufacturers, to laboratories, research institutes, life-science education and testing organizations throughout Japan and around the world.  Their ability to supply a vast array of products and information allows them to serve the needs of all of their customers. By making full use of their international network, coupled with the highest quality information, they support the life sciences community with a level of commitment and responsibility befitting a company that is trusted by its valued customers.

    Location: tokyo, japan
  • Creonate Manufacturing


    Born in 2022 through the opportunity to secure the future of a completely unique manufacturing initiative created by Global Access Diagnostics during the pandemic of 2020 and 2021.

    Established as a social enterprise, dedicated to securing and prioritising the provision of diagnostic products and components for developing countries to ensure that local manufacturing initiatives can operate unimpeded by mature market greed, while offering surge capacity backup, these core principles remain steadfastly the foundations of Creonate.

    Location: , uk
  • Cyanagen


    Cyanagen Srl is an Italian biotech company founded in 2003. Design, development and production of reagents for DNA/RNA extraction, chemiluminescent and fluorescent detection in the life sciences are our core business.

    To contribute to the fight against COVID-19, Cyanagen developed a Viral DNA/RNA extraction kit, CE/IVD, expanding from research life science to in vitro diagnostics.

    Cyanagen is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemiluminescent substrates for Western blotting and ELISA/CLIA and also offers fluorescent dyes for biological analysis, cell imaging, genomics, proteomics, and chemical sensors.

    Our key technologies, covered by international patents, achieve outstanding performance in sensitivity, stability and ease of use.

    Cyanagen’s product lines are available for OEM and OEM CUSTOM sales, according to Clients’ specifications.

    Location: , italy
  • Dakewe Biotech


    Dakewe Biotech Co., Ltd was founded in 1999, with its headquarters in Shenzhen, and subsidiary offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Chengdu. They provide high quality products and service for customers all around the world. Their main business includes the developing and manufacturing of diagnostic reagents and medical devices. Similtaneously, they are distributors of life science reagents, scientific instruments, and medical equipment in China.

    Location: shezen, china
  • DBA Italia


    DBA Italia S.R.L. has been operating in the Italian market since 1985 offering a wide range of reagents for research in the fields of immunology, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology. It exclusively distributes the products of leading companies in the sector. Our portfolio includes also custom antibodies, peptides and library as well as different services such as:

    • multiplex immunoassays validated by Luminex xMAP® technology on plasma/serum and other fluids
    • vector cloning and virus packaging
    • compound selectivity profiling service

    Location: milan, italy
  • Diaclone


    The oustanding Diaclone product quality and scientific reputation is built on cutting edge therapeutic antibody collaborations within the pharmaceutical industry. The same level of quality is the hallmark of the entire Diaclone product range maintaining our reputation as an established centre of excellence for monoclonal antibody research and development. From monoclonal antibodies through to assay development our expertise is every present ensuring consistent high product quality.

    Location: , france
  • EastCoast Bio


    Medix Biochemica acquired EastCoast Bio in June 2020 to provide customers a wider and more comprehensive IVD reagent product portfolio. EastCoast Bio operations were moved in September 2021 to Lee Biosolutions located in Saint Louis, Missouri USA. Lee Biosolutions was acquired by Medix Biochemica in 2019. In April 2023, East Coast Bio and Lee Biosolutions will merge into the legal entity named, Medix Biochemica USA.

    Celebrating its 25th year in 2020, EastCoast Bio has been a supplier of high quality antigens, antibodies, and specialized immunoassay reagents for the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) manufacturing industry worldwide. Large and small manufacturers all over the world use their raw materials to develop their own immunoassays. They continue to expand their product range of cardiac markers, drug of abuse (DOA), hormones, infectious diseases, serum proteins, tumor markers, neurology and veterinary products.

    The Diagnostic Industry, Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as researchers from universities, hospitals and biomedical research facilities, rely on EastCoast Bio for quick service, consistently dependable products, and knowledgeable support. They offer a wide selection of industry-proven, high-performance immunoassay products. Their well-stocked inventory and speedy customer service let us deliver the quantity of products you need as soon as possible — keeping your critical projects on track.

    Led by a highly qualified staff that understands the industry inside and out, EastCoast Bio only offers products that meet the toughest standards for quality. Their customers include major manufacturers that build widely-used, commercially-available kits with our components – because they know they can rely on EastCoast Bio’s unwavering quality year after year.

    Location: , usa
  • Enco Scientific


    Enco is the official Israeli distributor of numerous major international biotech companies, such as Santa Cruz, Jackson Immuno Research, MP Biochemicals, Worthington, Stem Cell and Serotec, MBL, and many others. Enco work closely with key institutions in the local market, enabling them to obtain whatever biological materials they need, and offering full technical support for all the products they sell.

    Location: petach tikvah, israel
  • EpitoGenx Ltd


    EpitoGenx Ltd using AI models will offer in silico solutions, validated in vitro and applied to create prototype clinical products using EpitoGen® Technology. Products developed using this technology are compatible with gold standard lab-based and point-of-care applications (i.e., ELISA, LFA, microfluidics), making them affordable and user friendly.

    Location: aberdeen, uk
  • Evitria


    Evitria is an established, global antibody expression service provider located in Zurich, Switzerland. They specialise in CHO-based transient expression of antibodies (including bispecific and fusion antibodies) and other proteins.

    With a track record of more than 80,000 transfections performed and more than 13,000 antibodies/antibody based molecules expressed and purified for their clients from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia – ranging from academic laboratories and small biotech start-ups to global biopharmaceutical companies – you can benefit from their expertise when looking to entrust a partner with your complete antibody production or to manage capacity bottlenecks with single projects.

    Location: , switzerland
  • FineTest


    Fine Biotech is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturer which specializes in providing  ELISA Kits, Antibodies,Recombinatant Proteins and relevant Reagents for recearch use since 2014.

    Fine Biotech has a 1200m2 GMP workshop covering the core production of main product lines. With professional tech support and rich production experience, FineTest‘s high quality products are widely sold to over 60 countries by cooperating with authorized distributors. They work closely with influential biological platforms such as CiteAb and Biocompare to promote online marketing.

    2800+ papers using FineTest‘s products are cited by international journals, and there is an  annual increase of about 800+citations.

    Location: , usa
  • Fleet Bioprocessing


    For twenty years Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. has offered a range of expert contract services to customers in a variety of industry and academic sectors.  These development, validation and manufacturing services include conjugation and purification of proteins, immunoassay development and the formulation and dispensing of reagents.
    The company is based in southern England, and was founded in 2000 by former members of Johnson & Johnson’s clinical diagnostics R&D group.  Fleet’s success is based on the unrivalled technical expertise and knowhow of its world-class staff, and its quality standards which meet the highest worldwide requirements – giving you the confidence you need to outsource even your most important and demanding requirements.
    With a skilled and flexible workforce, we pride ourselves on providing rapid and effective solutions to our customers’ changing needs.

    Location: , uk
  • FluoroFinder


    FluoroFinder’s technology utilizes AI to analyse millions of marker and fluorophore combinations to provide you with an optimized experiment design.

    Their technology empowers scientists with an experiment design platform that increases the speed and quality of their research. They provide streamlined workflow tools that leverage a comprehensive collection of instrument configurations and antibodies from all suppliers to simplify fluorescence experiment design, eliminating costly errors.

    Seeing talented researchers struggle for hours to design successful experiments by hand, is what inspired FluoroFinder to make improvements. In 2014, they commercially released the first version of their panel design tool from the University of Colorado’s Technology Transfer Office.

    FluoroFinder believe in the power of collaboration, especially when it comes to scientific research. To this day, they continue to collaborate with the scientific community to provide a robust platform to automate fluorescence experiment design, learn and collaborate.

    Location: , usa
  • Future Fields


    Future Fields’ vision is to feed the world through cellular agriculture.

    They make growth factors for the cellular agriculture industry that are cost-effective, safe, and sustainable. Their EntoEngine™ platform produces bioactive growth factors and other recombinant proteins more sustainably and cost efficiently than traditional expression systems. These components are essential for supporting robust cell growth and the key to reducing growth media costs for cell cultured meat, milk, cosmetics, food ingredients, medical products, alternative textiles, and other materials.

    Location: , canada
  • Gamma Proteins


    At Gamma Proteins we passionately believe that the cost of protein reagents should not be prohibitive to scientific research and for this reason have formed a company with the mission to increase the quality and reduce the cost of recombinant proteins. Over the last few decades recombinant protein production has undergone a revolution. The costs of DNA sequencing and gene synthesis have fallen sharply and advances in mammalian transient expression have made gram per litre level expression of many proteins routine. Despite these advances the cost of critical research reagents, especially recombinant proteins, has risen with micrograms of protein often costing hundreds of dollars.

    Location: , uk
  • Gardner Leader


    Gardner Leader is a leading regional law firm with offices in Newbury, Thatcham, Maidenhead, Swindon, Oxford, Windsor, and London.

    The team at Gardner Leader, are more than just legal experts, they are trusted advisors dedicated to delivering peace of mind to businesses and individuals. Their award-winning team of highly experienced professionals can advise you on a wide range of legal matters, from those of a complex corporate nature to the everyday. Empowering the community and prioritising the well-being of our people lie at the very core of our firm.

    Location: , uk
  • Generon


    Generon commercialises reagents to diagnostic and research labs. As a very dynamic company, they do their best to be close to our customers’ needs in terms of high quality reagents that they propose and in terms of service that they provide.

    Generon’s principal assets for better serving you: adaptability, flexibility, reactivity and naturally the competence of the technical specialists at your service.

    Location: slough, uk
  • GeneTex


    Led by the distinguished Dr. Eva Lee, GeneTex has established state-of-the-art facilities in both the United States and Taiwan to provide top-quality antibodies and reagents generated through refined product development programs, international collaborations with leading researchers, and scrupulous scientific rigor.

    GeneTex creates reagents for biomedical research, assay development, and in vitro diagnostics. Its products are made to standards outlined in quality management systems ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, and are supported by comprehensive customer service.

    Location: ,
  • GenScript


    GenScript is a leading biotech company that provides antibody, cytokine, protein analysis and purification products as well as custom gene, peptide, protein, antibody services for life science researches.

    Location: , usa
  • Glykogen


    GlykoGen Limited was formed and registered in Scotland, in October 2016 by its founder Dr Kimberley Mackenzie. A pipeline of engineered monoclonal antibodies that have efficacy against cancer targets will be developed. GlykoGen will create, screen, modify and demonstrate the action of the antibodies against cancer cells. The antibodies, together with the accompanying data package, will be licensed to pharmaceutical companies who will take them forward as candidates for therapeutic treatments.

    Location: aberdeen, uk
  • Hycult Biotech


    Hycult Biotech, located in the Netherlands, designs, develops, produces and markets antibodies, antibody based products and more specifically immunoassays for innate immunity and directly related fields, with an emphasis on complement, neutrophil proteins, TLR, scavenger receptors and acute phase proteins.

    Location: uden, holland
  • ichorbio


    ichorbio is based in a small town just south of Oxford called Wantage. It is the birthplace of Alfred the Great.

    ichorbio wants to support you in producing the next Great oncology breakthrough. The aim at ichorbio is to become the largest supplier of research grade biosimilars and in vivo antibodies – all whilst charging competitive prices to make your research go further. Part of the reason why cancer is so difficult to treat is because it is constantly mutating – and therefore the drugs we use must rapidly change and life science research must lead the way. ichorbio wishes to help your research to evolve as fast as cancer.

    “If covid-19 has taught us anything it’s that we’re all in this together and we as companies must put people and their health above profits and share prices. We are looking to support your research in any way needed – if you need a smaller amount of our products or a free sample or a custom biosimilar please contact us. We’re ready to help.”

    Location: oxford, uk
  • ICL – Immunology Consultants Laboratory Inc


    ICL is a trusted supplier of antibodies, ELISA kits, and protein reference standards to many of the world’s leading research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and in vitro diagnostics (IVD) manufacturers. Established over 40 years ago in Oregon, USA, we develop and manufacture our products in-house using internal gold standard controls for validation, assuring our partners of consistent batch-to-batch performance, reliable long-term supply, and expert technical support from a team who knows our portfolio inside out.

    Our growing product offering includes antibodies to a broad range of human, veterinary and infectious agent proteins, many of which are available from several host species and proven to work in multiple applica¬tions. These same antibodies form the basis of our ready-to-use sandwich ELISA kits and are complemented by an ex¬tensive selection of proteins for use as controls or reference standards. To streamline our partners’ research, we also offer core assay reagents like sera, streptavidin conjugates, and antibodies to common epitope tags.

    Location: newberg, usa
  • Ig Innovations


    Ig Innovations Ltd offers bespoke antibody production and supply to the research, diagnostic, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors: from antigen design, peptide synthesis, conjugation, through to antibody purification, conjugation and assay development. Ig Innovations offers a large catalogue of antibodies from high volume stocks, available in any format that the customer requires.

    Location: , uk
  • ImmunoLogic a WellMed Company


    Immunologic a WellMed company was founded in 1999 and has over more than 20 years of knowledge and experience. Immunologic is BSI 13485:2016 certified and develops, manufacture and supply IHC products to hospitals, Universities and Governmental institutions worldwide. Immunohistochemistry is a sensitive, specific and cost-effective application, to initialize gene and protein changes in human tissues and cells. It’s successfully managed reputation through product quality and service. With the close cooperation with their suppliers and manufactures, that are complementary to their own production facilities and product quality. Immunologic is able to provide their customers the best services and (custom made) products.

    Location: , holland
  • ImmuQuest


    ImmuQuest offers a range of unique and novel antibodies manufactured to the highest possible quality, at the forefront of scientific research.

    Everything they do is developed with the needs of the researcher in mind. Wherever possible, their antibodies are tested across applications such as WB, ELISA, IHC (frozen and paraffin sections) and ICC/IF and published in their datasheets. Many can be supplied in bespoke formats.

    Location: , uk
  • InVivo BioTech Services


    InVivo BioTech Services GmbH is a leading German contract manufacturing organization with more than 20 years of experience in mammalian cell culture and production of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins.

    With the headquarter and main production facility being located on the biotech campus in Hennigsdorf, InVivo also operates a smaller, second facility in the heart of Berlin, where history started more than two decades ago. Since its inception in 1998, the company has consistently grown over time and exhibits today approximately 2 500 square meters (~ 26 900 square feet) of laboratory and operational space.

    In 2017 BRUKER Daltonics incorporated InVivo to gain a reliable partner for the production of in vitro diagnostic kits, biological standards and chemical matrices.

    Location: berlin, germany
  • Jackson ImmunoResearch


    Jackson ImmunoResearch specialises in producing secondary antibodies for life science applications. Their reputation as a trusted supplier is founded on 35 years of experience in immunoglobulin purification, conjugation and lyophilisation. They continue to optimise processes and develop new technologies to meet the demands of future advances in biological techniques and practices.

    Location: , usa
  • KRISHGEN Biosystems


    Krishgen is a leading manufacturer of immunoassays, established 2003 in Mumbai, India. We provide high quality, sensitive assays and tools for drug discovery research and development and life sciences research. Our mission is to provide reliable products that use the latest technology, to support our customers and scientists with expert technical service, strong back- end customer support, and a wealth of information related to their research area.

    Location: mumbai, india


    LAB-A-PORTER is the pioneer in modernizing product channelling in scientific research, healthcare, and education. Through LAB-A-PORTER, researchers can gain access to their desired product from worldwide renowned manufacturers at their fingertips. If you need research tools, they can help.

    Location: ,
  • Labclinics


    Labclinics was established in Barcelona in 1974 with the aim of coordinating the marketing and distribution of equipment and laboratory reagents for research and clinical diagnostics in Spain and Portugal. Their commitment is to provide the best service to the scientific community and biotechnology industry thanks to their sales team, their excellent after sales service and their wide range of products. Moreover Labclinics has an integrated Quality Management System (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications).

    A close life sciences distributor:

    With the aim of providing the most personalised service, Labclinics has a wide web of sales representatives in Spain and Portugal and a technical and public tenders department at Barcelona headquarters.

    Labclinics offers:

    • A huge range of reagents and kits.
    • Custom services.
    • A technical team to support the researcher.
    • A brand new and modern website with the list of products that they sell.
    • A wide range of products, from antibodies to gene editing.

    Location: , spain
  • Labospace


    Labospace is a CRO for antibody validation and quantitative biomarker or pathogen detection through IHC and multiplex PCR analyses. Pivotal Scientific is helping Labospace to increase awareness of its brand through our SEO and Google Adwords services. PSL also introduces Labospace to B2B partners. Labospace has a 500 sqm facility in the heart of Milano, fully equipped with the most advanced technologies available: Luminex/Multiplex platform, NGS capability, and Sequencing, FACS, IHC platform. They also have hubs in San Diego and Oxford, the most vibrant areas of the Life Science community. Their services are highly profiled to meet the need of a wide range of Biomedical Science areas and are addressed to Pharma – Bio-Tech – Academy – Hospitals.

    Location: milan, italy
  • Labscoop


    Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, Labscoop now has over 10 million laboratory and research-related products.  Founded in 2014, we set a path that will fundamentally change how scientists shop for lab reagents, consumables, and equipment. Our company strives to create an amazing marketplace user experience for scientists with in-depth product peer reviews, comprehensive product specifications, and associated data files that will allow scientists to quickly and easily search, compare and order products in a shared shopping cart for the entire lab to work as one.

    Location: , usa
  • Lateral Dx

    service provider

    Lateral Dx delivers lateral flow test development and consultancy services to a wide range of industries.
    Our aim is to provide high quality and cost-effective lateral flow development, lateral flow manufacture and rapid antibody screening solutions and other services to our business partners.

    With over 20 years’ experience in the lateral flow assay industry we can assist you with every step of your lateral flow test development journey, from short Proof of Principle studies all the way through to helping you implement large scale lateral flow manufacture.

    Our team have a wealth of rapid test knowledge and experience in a wide range of industries including veterinary, human clinical, environmental and drugs of abuse.

    We are experts in rapid antibody screening and antibody conjugation to support you in your lateral flow assay development providing you with quantitative data in as little as two weeks. Find out more about our services here.

    Location: , uk
  • Lee Biosolutions


    Lee Biosolutions, Inc. is a family-owned business that prides itself on producing high-quality products for the diagnostic, research and life science markets.

    At Lee Biosolutions, we run our business on the principles of integrity and transparency and value every customer interaction, striving to exceed customer expectations at all times.  None of this changed when we were acquired by Medix Biochemica in 2019.

    Now, as a part of an international company with Finnish roots and global branches, we are able to deliver the same high-quality products and reliable customer service to customers across the globe.

    Location: , usa
  • Leica Biosystems


    Leica Biosystems is a global leader in workflow solutions and automation designed to help pathology laboratories and researchers shorten the time between biopsy and diagnosis. The company offers a comprehensive product range for each step in the pathology process, from sample preparation and staining to imaging and reporting.

    As the only company to own the full workflow from biopsy to diagnosis, Leica Biosystems is uniquely positioned to break down the barriers between each step. The company’s goal is to make diagnosis within 24 hours of a biopsy possible.

    Location: , uk
  • Leinco Technologies


    Leinco Technologies is a biotechnology company founded in 1992 as a specialty manufacturer of early discovery research products including antibodies, recombinant proteins, ELISA kits, second step reagents and other life sciences products. They are a premier provider of custom R&D and manufacturing services focusing on monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins. Their innovative products and services are used to augment the early discovery process in life science research, diagnostics and ground breaking development of protein therapeutics.

    Location: , usa
  • Life Science Group


    Life Science Group Ltd (LSG) is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of life science research solutions. An outstanding, independent UK company offering quality products and first-class customer service to leading pharma, biotech, contract research organisations and universities worldwide. They offer technical expertise and experience to provide traceable, customisable solutions through the three divisions of LSG: Life Science Production, Antibody Production Services and Diagnostic Kit Services. All requirements are backed by ISO 13485, ISO 9001:2015 and ISIA Traceability accreditations.

    Location: , uk
  • LubioScience


    LubioScience is the biggest and fastest growing life science reagents & services platform in Switzerland. Representing some of the world’s most recognized brands, they provide over 4.5 million products from more than 120 suppliers. Their experienced and motivated team provides an efficient, reliable and professional service to their clients.

    Location: lucerne 6, switzerland
  • Mabtech


    We are a Swedish biotech company developing immunoassays for life science research.

    Our goal is to aid research, by providing the scientific community with innovative tools, in particular for ELISpot, FluoroSpot, and ELISA. To that end, we develop and produce a wide range of monoclonal antibodies, kits, peptide pools, and instruments for in vitro applications.

    We started off in Stockholm, Sweden in 1986, and our headquarter still lies in Nacka Strand, just east of the inner city. We do everything here, from research and production, to finance, IT, quality control, marketing, distribution, and sales. In addition, we have a sales office in Cincinnati, Ohio, and collaborate with great distributors around the globe.

    The quality of our products really comes down to our entire organization; the balance between individual action and care for the collective. Because for us, quality isn’t just a word. It’s a mindset, a mantra, and a lens we hold to all our initiatives, whatever the size.

    Being part of the whole scientific community, we want to do our share in helping science progress. So please see us as peer – feel free to strike up any sort of conversation with us.

    Location: nacka, sweden
  • Medix Biochemica


    Medix Biochemica is a Finnish biotechnology company that develops, produces and markets monoclonal antibodiesantibody services and antigens for IVD industry as well as diagnostic rapid tests for human healthcare worldwide.

    Location: helsinki, finland
  • MS Validated Antibodies


    MS Validated Antibodies is devoted to delivering optimal monoclonal antibodies for immunohistochemistry and to provide the users with a unique product documentation enabling them to better know their antibodies. Key features of the MSVA package include:

    • Highly stringent criteria for product selection: Only 130 out of the first 3600 evaluated antibodies were selected for the MSVA portfolio.
    • Unique product documentation including images from more than 50 different normal tissues and more than 20 tumor images per antibody.
    • Protocol suggestions for manual staining and autostainers (Dako, Leica, Ventana).
    • Published data on the performance characteristics of our antibodies are compiled on the MSVA homepage (if available).
    • Extensive educational content is provided for every antibody including links to other relevant sites.

    Location: hamburg, germany
  • myPOLS Biotec


    myPOLS Biotec develops and produces DNA polymerases and DNA polymerase-based assays, kits and master mixes for novel and reliable PCR applications for IVD and research use. We are ISO 13485 certified.
    2021 myPOLS became part of Medix Biochemica the market-leading IVD diagnostics raw material supplier. As a core part of the Molecular Diagnostic Reagents (MedixMDx) we can help your business from concept to commercialization.

    Location: , germany
  • Nanohelix


    NanoHelix Co., Ltd. was established in December 2008 to develop, manufacture, and market state-of-the-art laboratory reagents. Based in South Korea, they have become one of the leading suppliers to domestic MDx manufacturers.

    Championing their slogan, ‘Reliable Partner for DNA Technologies’, NanoHelix continues to develop, produce, and/or customise high-quality enzymes, reagents, and raw materials for international OEMs, institutes, and laboratories.

    Location: , southkorea
  • NeoBiotechnologies


    Licensing as well as developing new Hybridoma Clones secreting monoclonal antibodies to a wide variety of human proteins with an ultimate goal to cover the entire human proteome. Antibody products are available for various applications through our OEM-partners. Presently, NeoBiotechnologies is holding more than 1,000 hybridomas.

    Location: union city, usa
  • Nordic Biosite


    Now in business for nearly 20 years, Nordic BioSite is recognized as a leader in supply of products for research and diagnostic, Immunology and Molecular Biology, to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostic and to academic researchers. Continuously, Nordic BioSite introduces many novel products as a result of the research and development with their partners and the feedback from their customers. Through the development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of their products our aim is to facilitate your research.

    Location: taby, sweden
  • OSB Life Sciences


    OSB LIFESCIENCES is a leading company with over 25+ years of successful track record in providing world’s best in class products and services for Healthcare, Biotechnology, Biomedical Research, Clinical Diagnostics Reagents, Diagnostic Kits & Immunohistochemistry Reagents for clinical as well as for research use. The are one of the most trusted and preferred supplier partner for premier medical institutes, hospitals, researchers, academicians, laboratories, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry across India.

    Location: delhi, india
  • Pacific Coast Biologics


    Pacific Coast Biologics specialise in manufacturing animal-free grade cytokines, chemokines and growth factors. They are focused on supporting life science research with products that are more affordable and readily available than most competitors. Their products and services are backed by their commitment to quality and excellence, ensuring their customers receive the best value for their money.

    Pacific Coast Biologics also offer small bench top scale research grade E.coli fermentation services ranging from 10 liters all the way up to 30-liter fermentations. They can deliver to the customer E.coli cell paste or in the form of inclusion bodies if the customer request. They also provide Custom Recombinant Protein Services from E.coli. The proteins are unique to the customer’s specifications, from the initial cloning and expression, protein folding, purification and formulation The protein can be delivered in lyophilized or in liquid form.

    In addition, Pacific Coast Biologics offer consulting services focused on protein refolding steps, protein purification and formulation.

    Location: , usa
  • PanPath


    PanPath B.V. is a privately owned company founded by scientists with a background in pathology and molecular biology. This knowledge is combined with a broad experience in the environment of commercial companies active in antibodies, detection systems and molecular biology. PanPath B.V. is based in Budel, The Netherlands. The company was founded in 2002 and started with the introduction of the REMBRANDT® product group. The brief history of PanPath is marked with the launch of a broad range of well-designed products, a world-wide distributor network and a corporate image of quality and reliability. The innovative R&D has resulted in an improvement of the REMBRANDT® product group and the addition of new products for the detection of cancer related genetic markers.

    PanPath products are designed for ease of use. The high production standards are combined with a continuous Quality Control for each product in order to ensure reproducible results with minimized lot to lot variation.

    Location: ,
  • PCR Biosystems


    Simplify your research with PCR Biosystems.

    PCR Biosystems provide market-leading products and reagents for every PCR-based diagnostic application to help you simplify your research. They’re a UK company offering dedicated customer service, free samples for you to test their products, next day delivery of your orders, and expert technical support.

    Try their inhibitor-tolerant polymerases for colony and multiplex PCR, probe- and dye-based Hot Start qPCR kits for microbe and viral quantification, or gene expression analyses. If you’re doing NGS, try one of their qPCR-based library quantification kits. They’ve also recently launched their IsoFast isothermal amplification polymerase, which you can use for point-of care or cutting-edge diagnostic methods. They look forward to hearing about your diagnostic reagent needs. Please get in touch to learn more.

    Location: , uk
  • Poly-Dtech


    Poly-Dtech is a French company, based in Strasbourg, specializing in the field of life sciences and in vitro diagnostics (IVD).

    The company develops and produces high-performance fluorescent nanoparticles and immunoassays with unique characteristics to improve the detection of biomarkers for scientific research, offering higher detection sensitivity with user-friendly protocols applicable in bioanalytical methods (immunoassays) and molecular and cellular biology techniques.

    Poly-Dtech’s technology is the result of many years of work and collaboration between experts in nanoparticle synthesis, spectroscopy, biology and analysis techniques in France and worldwide. This synergy has made it possible to create nanoparticles with unparalleled performances characterized by high brightness, high photo-stability, long lifetime, and simplicity to use. Through our technology, we want to improve current screening, drug discovery and early diagnosis of diseases.

    Location: ,
  • Progen


    PROGEN  was founded in 1983 by four scientists from Heidelberg, Germany, who joined forces to manufacture and supply high quality antibodies for biomedical research. We help scientists worldwide drive biopharmaceutical and diagnostic progress to provide high-quality and reliable treatments for patients. Our mission is to make new therapies safe and affordable and to improve existing research processes. The PROGEN team consists of bioscientists and adeno-associated virus (AAV) experts who collaborate with specialists around the world. Our products are essentials for research in science and industry. We are more than just a manufacturer of antibodies, AAV gene therapy tools, density gradient media, and phage display technologies: We strive to understand the needs of scientists to develop solutions to jointly address challenges in academic research, biotechnology and pharma. Since 2012, PROGEN has been a 100% subsidiary of the R-Biopharm AG.

    PROGEN values

    Our commitment: Supporting scientists

    Our Mission: Help progress new therapies safely, quickly and affordably

    Our goal: Deliver innovative and reliable products for the entire supply chain

    What we do: We create antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits and more

    We at PROGEN support life science and gene therapy, but even more we want to make life science and gene therapy better, together.

    Location: heidelberg, germany
  • Proliant Health & Biologicals


    Proliant Health and Biologicals is the world’s largest manufacturer of animal-derived proteins, producing a number of grades of “Fraction V” bovine serum albumin (BSA), bovine gamma globulin (BGG), and animal extracts. We provide the highest levels of consistency, traceability, and quality in the market, and with facilities in the United States and New Zealand, Proliant is the industry leader and go-to BSA supplier for medical device manufacturers, in-vitro diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccine production, biopharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and a number of other life science research industries.

    Location: , usa
  • Prolytix


    Prolytix combines scientific excellence in protein chemistry and therapeutics with a personalized and consultative approach. With over 30 years of experience, our staff has the expertise needed to identify and solve your most complex large-molecule drug development challenges. Our dual focus on partnership and project management excellence means you have direct access to our scientific team throughout your project, ensuring you receive accurate results faster.

    Prolytix provides holistic solutions for plasma-based protein therapiesmonoclonal (mAbs) and polyclonal antibodies (pAbs)cell and gene therapies (CGTs)recombinant proteins, and vaccines and viral vectors.

    Location: , usa
  • Quantimetrix


    Quantimetrix designs, develops, and manufactures laboratory quality products at our headquarters in Redondo Beach, California. We are leaders in the field of liquid-stable quality control products, having pioneered these innovations more than 40 years ago. Our world-class portfolio improves the efficiency and reliability of laboratory testing and patient care.

    Location: , usa
  • Quimigen


    Quimigen (part of CliniSciences Group) is a distributor of reagents and equipment for scientific research and medical diagnosis. They support customers on a daily basis through their employees based in Portugal, the majority are scientists, most of whom hold doctorates in science.

    As a very dynamic company, they do their best to be close to their customers’ needs in terms of high quality reagents that they propose and in terms of service that they provide (search for a particular antibody, technical support, delivery time, etc.)

    Their principal assets for better serving you : adaptability, flexibility, reactivity and naturally the competence of the technical specialists at your service.

    Location: madrid, spain
  • Rockland Inc


    Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. offers each academic, biopharma, and diagnostic professional thousands of antibodies with the aim of providing the right antibody that is the perfect fit for every occasion. No matter the context – basic research to disease therapy, phosphorylated to methylated and beyond – Rockland embraces the challenge to design, produce, validate, and deliver the absolute best antibodies and life science reagents available in the market today and every day. With Rockland, your solution is complete.

    Location: limerick, pa, usa
  • Sanbio


    “Knowledge makes the difference,,

    As an independent distributor and manufacturer of life science products and services for research and diagnostics, we strive to build long-term relationships with both our clients and suppliers. In accomplishing our mission, it is our experience that knowledge makes the difference.


    Sanbio believes in combining professionals with a heart for diagnostics and research with world’s most prominent and innovative suppliers in the market. We want to make a valuable contribution to the progression of healthcare in general. Our employees have a background in life science research or diagnostics and use this knowledge to make healthcare a little bit better with every product sold.

    “Making a valuable contribution to improve healthcare’’


    We improve healthcare by providing solutions for life science research and diagnostics by only working with leading producers in the market. Our passionate colleagues connect with customers and understand what is important to them. They are continuously able to convert customer demand into products and services. Through a careful selection procedure of our suppliers and products, we contribute to achieving high-quality results in diagnostics and research for our customers.


    Under the brand name MONOSAN®, Sanbio develops, manufactures, and markets antibodies and antibody-related products. Our portfolio includes over 1000 monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and reagents. We welcome you to discover more information about our products and worldwide distributors at

    Sharing our knowledge

    On a daily basis, our team of specialists and direct field sales force is in close contact with suppliers and customers. Visiting and participating in events, international congresses, and conventions enables us to meet suppliers and customers as well as stay on top of innovations and developments.

    We exchange knowledge during every contact opportunity with you. This allows us to find perfect solutions and offer excellent customer support and service. Via our website, we also share extensive product information, scientific webinars, blogs, and the latest news.


    Our continuous efforts to improve our high standard of quality and support stretches from innovative life science portfolio additions to hiring staff. Quality applies to the products we supply, the lab facilities we offer, and the logistic systems we implemented. In 1997, our service system was one of the first Dutch biotech companies to be ISO 9001 certified by DNV GL. Recently, this quality certification was updated with the attainment of the most recent standard ISO 9001:2015. Sanbio BV is in possession of an opium exemption for trade-related purposes with register number 16455 07 HD.

    The highest standard is our promise.

    Location: uden, holland
  • Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals


    Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals is a global leader in high-tech biotechnology, specializing in innovative biologics R&D and services. Sanyou integrated 4C model – “differentiated CRO, integrated CDO, innovative CPO and characteristic CRS” bridges research and manufacturing, simplifying the discovery of groundbreaking biologics worldwide.

    Sanyou has nearly 300 skilled professionals in drug development and industrialization. Our fully equipped 20,000 square meters integrated lab, and our three industry-leading innovative technology platforms – “super-trillion, integration, and intelligence”, can offer customizable service to support client needs.

    Sanyou is committed to refining their proprietary platform and introducing upgraded services and technologies. With over 1000 global collaborations, Sanyou continues to actively collaborate with pharmaceutical companies, drug R&D institutions and diagnostics companies, cultivating a collaborative growth ecosystem and a thriving community with clients and partners.

    Location: , usa
  • Science Catalysts

    service provider

    Science Catalysts accelerates research by facilitating the dissemination of life science research product information.


    Location: , usa
  • SFC


    SFC is a technology-driven fine chemicals company dedicated to the research, development, and production of high-quality chemicals. Since its establishment in 1998, SFC has solidified its leading position in the OLED materials field, leveraging exceptional personnel, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and close collaboration with market innovators.

    In 2014, SFC expanded its portfolio by offering customized oligonucleotide manufacturing services, actively seeking growth opportunities for the next generation. Drawing on extensive expertise in fluorescence chemistry, SFC has successfully incorporated a range of proprietary fluorophores and quenchers into oligonucleotide manufacturing. This expertise has been instrumental in supporting molecular diagnostic companies in the development of molecular diagnostics kits.

    Location: ,
  • Shikhar Biotech


    Shikhar Biotech are the first antibody company in Nepal. Their company is a spin-off of the British-Nepali venture Everest Biotech Limited, UK. They manufacture and deliver the highest quality reagents and services to life-science researchers and other biotech companies worldwide. They have produced and tested thousands of high-quality goat polyclonal antibodies for their customers.  They have special expertise in antibody validation using ELISA, WB, IF and FC, and have been providing these services to antibody companies across Europe.

    Location: katmandu, nepal
  • SouthernBiotech


    Founded in 1982 to provide researchers with tools that were not readily available from other commercial sources, SouthernBiotech has remained a steadfast, high-quality source of secondary antibodies. Over the years we have expanded our product line to meet researchers’ changing needs. What has not changed is our commitment to customer success.

    By producing secondary antibodies, then primary antibodies, and additional immunoreagents that have been proven through numerous publications over the years, providing rapid and extensive customer support, and offering fully customizable services to ensure your needs are met, we demonstrate how serious we are about your success.

    Small enough to be nimble and responsive, large enough to fulfill expansive manufacturing needs, SouthernBiotech is steadfastly at your side, ensuring your success.

    Location: birmingham, al, usa
  • StressMarq Biosciences Inc


    StressMarq Biosciences is a bioreagents company that manufactures life sciences products for the research sector. We are committed to supplying high-quality neuroscience and stress-response research products. A diverse selection of over 14,000 products are validated and supported by our Quality Management System and ISO 9001:2015 certification.

    Location: victoria, canada
  • Synaptic Systems


    In 1997, Synaptic Systems was founded by well known scientists of the Max-Planck Institute Goettingen. Due to the high demand for their well established, high quality antibodies against synaptic proteins, they started business to provide these research reagents to the scientific community world wide.

    In 2002, they established their own fully equipped research laboratory which allows product refinement and the development of new antibodies. To date, Synaptic Systems offers one of the largest collections of antibodies against synaptic and neuroscience related proteins and a growing panel of antibodies for cell biology, histopathology, and high resolution microscopy. Many of these antibodies have established themselves as reference products with numerous, high impact publications.

    In 2017, they introduced our HistoSure product line. HistoSure antibodies have been specifically developed for use in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues. Like all SYSY products, HistoSure antibodies are exclusively available under the Synaptic Systems brand. They are produced and thoroughly tested in their own facilities to guarantee the best quality and reliability. HistoSure antibodies are subject to our special HistoSure Quality Guidelines (see: Validation of HistoSure antibodies).

    Location: , germany
  • Szabo-Scandic HandelsgmbH


    More than 60 years of experience and competence in the Austrian Life Science market is the strength of SZABO-SCANDIC. Their core business is the distribution and servicing of consumables, research reagents, laboratory instruments and specific diagnostics. Currently, they can offer a range of 1.7 million products from over 120 suppliers and numerous services.

    SZABO-SCANDIC stands for quality, service and adherence to deadlines. They are particularly proud to be able to find and procure products that are difficult or not at all available in Europe.

    Location: vienna, austria
  • TCS Biosciences


    TCS is a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory reagents, test kits and quality control reagents for the Clinical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Water sectors. Their commitment to supplying quality and innovative products helps their customers to excel in the provision of clinical care, medicines, food and drinking water.

    In their 58-year history they have established themselves as Europe’s foremost supplier of animal blood and sera for microbiological use. They are also a prominent player in the UK water industry and in the European pharmaceutical market.

    Location: , uk
  • Virusys Corporation


    Established in 1997, Virusys are the source for virology related products and services.

    Location: , usa
  • Zen-Bioscience


    Chengdu Zen-Bioscience Co., Ltd. (“Zen-Bioscience”) is a global life science company focused on providing high-quality antibodies to the scientific research community and in vitro-diagnostic industry.

    Since 2007, they have partnered with thousands of universities, scientific organisations, biotechnology companies, hospitals, and other institutions. 

    Their antibodies have been stringently validated in-house and cited in thousands of publications. Combining their recombinant technology platforms with a strong validation process, they hope to provide satisfactory and reliable antibodies for our clients worldwide, in accordance with ISO13485 and ISO09001.

    Location: , china