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Abcore is Acquired by Fortis Life Sciences

Abcore is Acquired by Fortis Life Sciences

Fortis Abcore

Abcore approached Pivotal Scientific to exclusively manage the sale of the company to Fortis Life Sciences, trusting our previous support and recognizing our skills in M&A consultancy. Having helped in over 20 sell-side transactions since 2019, coupled with the deep industry knowledge and personal experience of our M&A team, we can offer end-to-end support for the exit of companies. What sets us apart is the experience the team has in setting up companies, growing companies, and selling companies, all within the Biotechnology sector.

Pivotal Scientific performed commercial due diligence on Fortis Life Sciences ahead of the sale of Abcore. Given the close involvement with Abcore, both for Pivotal Scientific, and for Tim personally, we were thrilled that Fortis Life Sciences were a strong partner for the next stage of Abcore’s journey.

We were happy to receive testimonials from David and Jennifer, the senior management of Abcore:

The unwavering support and guidance we received from Pivotal Scientific throughout Abcore’s development meant they could understand our company going into its sale. We are pleased with the quality and commitment of the M&A team throughout the process and are thrilled with the outcome.

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